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Choose Strike Because...

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Guide's Eye View:  You've travelled a long way, your time is limited, and you've spent a lot of's good to have the right man (Zane) on the job to find your dream fish. Follow Me:  Guiding across four decades, Zane has developed an enviable portfolio of fishing locations and techniques that others can only dream about.

Zane Mirfin is always keen to guide you and your friends on the fabulous trout streams of the northern South Island.

Here’s why you should choose Zane:

Depth & Breadth of Knowledge – Zane has been a local guiding expert over four decades…the 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, and now 2010’s. At 46 years old, Zane is fit, strong, enthusiastic, and aims to be assisting anglers to success for a long time to come…

Pioneer Within the Guiding Industry and Fishing Locations – It was the last great adventure commercially exploring all our guiding rivers by road, hiking, boat, raft, and helicopter. This unmatched knowledge is available to you for the price of a guide day.

Can Supply all Equipment – We’ve got a separate shed dedicated to fishing gear and can provide rods, reels, Riverworks goretex waders, wading boots, raincoats, and most everything else as required

Best Range of Commercial Access Permits & Concessions – We can get you to the best fish and best fishing opportunities. End of story.

Integrity & Honesty – We’ve been around a long time and have set the benchmark for quality guided fishing. If another supplier offers a lower price, give us the chance to show the value we can add to your fishing trip.

We Give Back – Zane is a well known contributor to NZ fishing magazines, publications, environmental causes, local and national fishing politics. Shouldn’t you support people who are helping to protect your interests?

First-rate Mobile Communications – Anyone can have a hard luck story…but not everyone has a plan! We have an excellent safety record and customer safety is non-negotiable to us. We have satellite phones as well as mobile phones for emergency communications. We also have GPS enabled Personal Locator Beacons and our boat ‘Strike Adventure’ is equipped with VHF Marine Radio.

Know Local Landowners – We’ve been around so long that we know most of the local landowners personally. In fact, many have been great friends for a long time and have been very obliging in allowing us access across and along their farms to the rivers with our fishing customers.

We’ll help you with organisation and arrangements – We can add value to your trip and save you time, money and frustration. We know the best accommodation options, trip types, and what previous customers have enjoyed most. Give us a phone call or skype us and we can provide comprehensive and personable answers to any questions you may have.

Expert Anglers Ourselves – We love fishing. Always have, always will! Our fishing skills and technical ability make us great guides to be on the water with. We’re also top fly-tiers with several companies commercially reproducing our patterns. You’ll be fishing with the hot local fly patterns that really work when you fish with us.

History of Big Fish – The number of large trophy fish our customers have landed in our decades of guiding is second to none. We know where the big fish swim and how to help you catch them. We catch brown trout in excess of the magic 10lb mark every season – sometimes lots of ‘em.

Experts at Fishing Local Waters Too – Not everyone has the budget or inclination to fish wilderness headwater fisheries by helicopter. We’re experts at making the most out of local river opportunities which can be more technically demanding, requiring enhanced guiding skills. We want you to have a good time but we won’t push you into doing helicopter trips if you don’t want to.

Good Teachers and Fishing Educators – Our University education and training have imbued us with the ability to help you become a better angler. We’re patient teachers onstream and will help you to improve your fishing skills. We’re skilled at assisting beginners, and anglers of all ages, from all walks of life. People say we’re especially good guiding female anglers. We’ve got good ethics, good manners, and we’ll watch our language!

Dry Fly Fishing – We love catching fish on dries. We won’t have you throwing 30ft leaders and 2lb weighted nymphs! We know the best dry fly streams and hatches.

Sight Fishing Experts – We are sight fishing experts and specialists. We do fish blind at times, but realise that our customers have come a long way to fish to visible trout and we’ll do our best to put you over them. People say we can spot fish that others can’t.

Commercially Registered Boat – Zane's MNZ Registered boat ‘Strike Adventure’ is perfect for accessing fly fishing rivers across big lakes. For something different than trout, consider trying one of our saltwater fishing trips with as many as 30 different species of fish on offer.

Range of Payment Options – We are totally flexible when it comes to payment options. We’ll accept Visa, Mastercard, Eftpos, Direct Credit, Internet banking or Cash. Sometimes even barter.

Work Long Hours, Weekends, and Public Holidays – We’ve always been known as hard workers when guiding, whether based from home or away on the road. We’ll be polite, courteous, and good company wherever we’re guiding you. Always happy to start early and finish late, or whatever hours suit you best.

Bright, Friendly, Happy Guides – We’re personable guides to spend long hours on the river with. You’ll always get a laugh and a smile from us. We are non-smokers who enjoy a cold beer at day’s end.

If the Fishing is tough, we work harder – We never give up...You've come a long way to catch fish - unlike others, we won't short-change you on time spent fishing or distance travelled. We'll do what it takes to make it happen.

Best Value Proposition – Chances are the success of your New Zealand fishing trip will be determined by your choice of guide. Add up all the factors above and check out our website, images, videos, and facebook pages, and you’ll see why we have a reputation for providing quality fishing trips. We’re a safe pair of hands to entrust with your fishing trip. We'll work hard for you.


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