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New Zealand Fishing & Hunting Guide - Zane Mirfin

Zane Mirfin is a busy professional guide and outfitter, with year-round fishing and hunting adventures to every point of the compass. Here’s some of Zane’s history and what he does in his spare time!

Zane holds BSc. And MA. Degrees from the University of Canterbury where his 1990 Masters Thesis: Trout Fishing in Nelson – Management of a Recreational Resource, was a seminal document profiling the usage of the region’s fisheries.

During the 90’s Zane guided international guiding experience during four extended summers in Colorado and has also fished extensively throughout the western United States, British Columbia, Christmas Island, and Sweden.

Zane is the co-author of Brown Trout Heaven – Fly Fishing New Zealand’s South Island (Shoal Bay Press, 2000). He is also a regular contributor of fishing and shooting articles to sporting magazines and won the prestigious SPARC Award for Recreation / Adventure / Lifestyle Reporting at the 2004 Sir Terry McLean National Sports Journalism Awards.

Zane has developed an enviable reputation as one of New Zealand’s leading trout fishing and outdoor recreation photographers and his images have been regularly featured in New Zealand Fish & Game magazine as well as a number of other books, international magazines, calendars, publications and billboards.

Zane’s most recent book The Last Best Place – Images of New Zealand Fly Fishing by Zane Mirfin (published in October 2008 in association with editor Bob South of Turangi) is a photography book that captures the essence of New Zealand fly fishing showing what is unique and special.

Along with his father Stuart, Zane was the co-founder of NZ political party Outdoor Recreation NZ (ORNZ), which asserted the rights and aspirations of outdoor recreationalists in the NZ political arena.

Strike Adventure Ltd was formed in 2004, in association with Tony Entwistle (Zane’s first guiding employer in 1985, friend, mentor, and business partner). At times, the company ran up to 10 guides per day out on the water but was hit hard by the 2008 Global Financial Crisis and subsequent business downturn. The current business is now a simplified and streamlined model, which allows Zane to concentrate on what he likes best – guiding quality people to quality adventure.

In 2011, Zane achieved his maritime Skippers Ticket (LLO / ILM) and his vessel ‘Strike Adventure’ (MNZ 134307) was commercially registered with Maritime New Zealand giving customers much improved access to freshwater, saltwater, and hunting resources. Strike Adventure Ltd also expanded the range of customer service it offers by going international, with two exploratory saltwater fishing trips to remote northern Queensland in Australia, to fish the barrier reefs, blue water and inland waterways.

Zane Mirfin writes a bi-weekly fishing and shooting newspaper column called Wildside for Fairfax Media, appearing in the ‘Nelson Mail’ and online, with a local, national, and international readership. Wildside has been published since early 2008 and is ongoing (Click here for stories).

Having always been a keen recreational alpine hunter and waterfowler, with many guide trips over three decades, Zane formalised his hunting credentials in 2014 by joining the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association (NZPHGA) and attending their Professional Hunter Academy (PHA) at Glen Dene Station, Otago.

From October 2010 - 2016, Zane was an elected member of the Tasman District Council, as ward councillor for Richmond. Being a popular sixth generation resident, he achieved big vote counts in both elections (2010 & 2013) but decided not to seek re-election in 2016 so he could concentrate on what he likes best – fishing and hunting. Tasman District Council represents 50,000 residents, operates over 10,000 km2, has approximately 250 staff, NZ$110 million operating budget, and controls NZ$1.3 billion of ratepayer assets. Zane is proud of the focus he bought to river habitat management, recreational access, and environmental considerations during 2010-2016 and served on the following committees: Engineering Services, Environment & Planning, Corporate Services, Community Development, Full Council, Creative Communities. He achieved extensive local government training in many core areas including Resource Management Act (RMA) Certification for decision makers.

Aimee and Zane have undertaken a number of fishing marketing trips to California and Australia together, over recent years too.

Aimee and Zane, have four children – Jake, Izaak, Rosie & Charlotte, and enjoy sharing diverse outdoor adventures with their family.

Zane & Aimee are proud of what Strike Adventure Ltd has achieved and are excited about the on-going development of exciting new fishing and hunting adventures for you to enjoy.
We invite you to achieve your dreams with us.