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HUNTING - Big Game & Waterfowl

HUNTING - Big Game & Waterfowl

Hunt Red Stag, Tahr, Chamois, Fallow, Goats, Pigs, Waterfowl

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Hunt New Zealand with South Island hunting guide Zane Mirfin for alpine game and waterfowl. Member of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association, offering quality year-round hunting. Fly into Nelson City via Nelson Airport.

Enjoy Free Range / Fair Chase / Public & Private Lands / Helicopter Access / Wilderness Camp-outs / Quality Accommodations & Logistics / Extended South Island Hunts / New Zealand Waterfowl Grand Slam. 

“There are a few trips in my life that I’ll look back on as truly life defining experiences, and hunting in New Zealand with Zane Mirfin was definitely one. I’ve been fly fishing in NZ before with Zane, but was blown away by the hunting. I feel like it’s still an un-discovered secret for US hunters. New Zealand has it all: the animals (unique species like Himalayan tahr, chamois, and red stag), no seasons (the best hunting is in our “off season”), no licences /tags needed, plenty of public land, no dangerous animals and easy firearms transport.
Country and conditions aside, hunting with Zane is really what made my trip special. Our 10 days together were a non-stop learning experience for me which isn’t surprising seeing that Zane has been guiding for over 30 years. He knows what makes these animals tick and I think it’s because he is part-mountain goat himself. In addition, Zane has the gear and connections to get into the type of places that can make or break a trip like this. Above all, I jumped at the chance to write this because of who Zane is: he genuinely cares about your experience, has a deep-seated love of the outdoors, and is fun to be around after many days in a tent. I can’t wait to be back for another adventure soon.”

Baxter R, California, USA, April 2016.