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Guided NZ Fly Fishing for Trophy Brown Trout on Wilderness Rivers in Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast, North Canterbury, & Beyond...

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Fly fish the New Zealand wilderness with experienced fishing guide Zane Mirfin for trophy wild brown trout. Longtime Member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association (NZPFGA), we offer quality year round fly fishing opportunities throughout Nelson / Marlborough / West Coast / North Canterbury & Beyond. Fly into Nelson Airport.

Classic Sight Fishing Rivers / Trophy Brown Trout / Helicopter Wilderness Access / Small Streams / Dry Fly / 4WD, Hiking, Raft, MNZ Registered Commercial Vessel Access / Overnight Camp-outs / Catch & Release / Multi-Day Wilderness / Epic Fishing Roadtrips / Exciting New Waters / South Island Guiding Experts Since 1985.

Save time, money & frustration. Enjoy great access, flexibility, accommodation variety, and absolutely the best fishing options in the business. Book with Strike Adventure Ltd and get Zane Mirfin on YOUR guiding job.

2017-2018 Daily Guide Rate $NZ 900

Happy Angler: Lance Severson, USA, Fishing New Zealand. 18 Years Later...
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Lance Severson has fished with Zane many times before, in both hemispheres, since 1991, but not in New Zealand for many years. Here’s Lance describing his latest guided fishing adventure in his own words…

“Dear Aimee & Zane, Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality these past 10 days. It was special to meet your family and spend time with you again. You are blessed with great kids who obviously bring much happiness to your home. Enjoy every minute of it.
It was so nice to see that in the 18 years since my last visit that little had changed, except for the addition of a few grey hairs. I enjoyed the 8 days of fishing tremendously. The variety of fishable waters, from small tributary streams to larger rivers allowed a great variety of fishing opportunities. I had never experienced a larger average fish size in any of my previous six trips to the South Island. Catching a sighted 9 pound brownie on a dry fly is a moment I will never forget, although landing a larger 9 pound plus fish on a nymph was also a highlight. The fish quality and quantity was exceptional in my opinion.
Coming to New Zealand to go fly fishing is a truly multifaceted holiday. The sight fishing itself, the camaraderie on the river, the spectacular scenery, and the local culture made it a truly special trip. Thank you Zane & Aimee for making this my best New Zealand trip ever. It could never have been so good without all your efforts. I definitely won’t wait so long before my next visit.”

Lance Severson, California, USA, 27th October 2015.

Lance also wanted to tell others anglers more about his experience:

“Our trip was awesome in many ways. We chose to stay at several different locations and accommodation types along the way. It varied between Nelson City, an alpine cabin in St. Arnaud, a small family owned accommodation near Lewis pass, and a small town motel right out of generations past. This method allowed us to be spot on to lots of quality water at the most productive times, which for us was typically afternoon and early evening. We weren’t on a specific schedule. We visited local pubs, explored local beaches, interacted with local folks, and were really able to be part of the local culture. The landowners, business owners, and local people we were able to meet along the way were a very positive addition to the trip. This could only have happened on a trip of this format and it was so much more than just a fishing trip.
From a guiding standpoint, Zane is unparalleled. Not only does he have a “Plan A” for the day, he is always thinking several steps ahead with regards to finding the best fishing options. His ability to see the hard to spot trout is uncanny. He takes his job seriously, always going the extra mile. Having no opportunities was never an option. The fact that Zane also has a commercially registered boat is a big positive as it allowed us to reach headwater streams not easily accessed on foot.
Of the seven trips to the South Island over the last 24 years, this one was definitely the most special. Great fishing, boating, easy travel, and local culture. I don’t think this could have happened in any other format. Thank you again Zane & Aimee for making it all happen.”

Lance Severson, Los Angeles, CA, 27 October, 2015