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New Zealand Trophy Trout

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No-one has caught more big trout than Strike Adventure. In more than three decades of guiding experience, we have proven our worth in the capture of impressive numbers of over-size brown trout.

We have guided all over the northern half of the South Island with our customers and there is virtually nowhere we haven’t fished before. We’ve explored all fishing areas through a mixture of access methods including hiking, 4WD, boat, raft, helicopter, fixed wing plane, mountain bike, jet boat, quad bike, and kayak. We have concessions to fish public waters and have extensive connections with local landowners to access waterways. We’ve never stopped exploring or developing our guiding skills either.

Strike Adventure knows exactly where the historic big fish areas are, how to access them, but most importantly when to access them. We understand the seasons, water flows, water temperatures, cyclical fish migrations, helicopter operators, sight fishing conditions, trout habitat, and wind directions. We’ve fished and guided these places successfully many times before and can replicate this success with you.

There’s no need to play Russian roulette with other suppliers, lodge-type interns, or trainees when you could utilise our trophy trout knowledge and experience to your full advantage. In an ever-evolving fishery, you need all the help you can get with battle-tested veteran guides. Give us a call by phone and we can advise honest and up-front opportunities for the coming season. We’re always out there looking and will always have a plan for you.

Guide Rate NZ$1195 per day + access method + road trip costs / wilderness camp-out fees (where applicable)

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