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New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association (NZPHGA)
New Zealand’s Government Sanctioned Guided Hunting Industry Association

Under a government requirement the NZPHGA is a fully independent body – vetting and disciplining its own members as a formally Incorporated Society.

Established in 1986 with 100+ members. Zane Mirfin has been an NZPHGA member since 2014.
The New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association functions under a strict code of ethics, with processes and procedures in place requiring the highest possible professional and safe practices by members. The safety of clients, professional performance by members, the conducting of hunts in the highest possible ethical manner; are all demanded of members.

NZPHGA Objectives:To promote and enhance professionalism within the guided hunting industry of New Zealand.
To promote and encourage professionally guided hunting in New Zealand.
To promote the management and protection of our game resources and sport hunting as an honourable, ethical and acceptable method of harvest.
To promote goodwill within the hunting industry and to encourage a sense of fellowship and trust. 

NZPHGA Code of Ethics:
All members are expected to abide by the following Code of Ethics.To conduct themselves in the field in a professional manner and to abide by the Laws of the Land.
Always hold the safety and welfare of the client paramount.
Always do the best for the clients success.
Always respect wildlife before and after it is shot, to take only the quantity of game that is fair and reasonable.
Always to respect the rights of the recreational hunter, sports person and landowner.
Never to publish misleading advertising or literature.
Never to publically belittle or denigrate and person or organisation associated with the industry.

Professional Hunter Academy (PHA):
Zane Mirfin completed the NZPHGA Professional Hunter Academy (PHA) in Otago, December 2014. Every member of NZPHGA is expected to complete the PHA to meet the required hunting industry standard.

Certified SCI Head Scorer ( November 2015)