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New Zealand Hunting Guide - Zane Mirfin

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Hunting has always been a way of life for Zane Mirfin. Raised a hunter, and trained by his father Stuart from an early age, Zane has hunted and guided hunters throughout the South Island for alpine game and waterfowl.

At 48, Zane is fit & strong, and in his prime as a guide, with excellent connections and access within the New Zealand hunting industry.

Hunting the high alpine tops for chamois and Himalayan tahr has always been a passion for Zane, including extensive experience in the rain forests and on the river flats for red stag, fallow buck, goat, boar and ram.

Perhaps unique among New Zealand hunting guides is Zane’s penchant for waterfowl hunting for black swan, geese, and ducks. Many years ago at the University of Canterbury while completing his BSc. and MA. Degrees, Zane probably spent more time in duck blinds on windswept Lake Ellesmere, a huge coastal lagoon, than he did studying.

With more than 3 decades of professional fishing guiding experience (since 1985), and many hunting adventures with customers along the way, Zane formalised his hunting guiding credentials in 2014 by joining the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association (NZPHGA) and attending the compulsory Professional Hunter Academy (PHA) training course.

Strike Adventure offers a wide range of exciting free range and fair chase hunts on both public and private lands, and you’ll really enjoy Zane as your guide.