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Helicopter Access Hunting

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One of our clients this season described helicopter access as an “Armchair to Heaven’ and it’s just so true. Helicopter access allows fast, efficient access to the hunting grounds without the need to climb hills with big loads over vast distances. With the aid of helicopter access you can put all your energy into enjoying your hunt rather than exhausting yourself getting there and back.

We utilise the services of a number of helicopter operators around the South Island, from different bases and with different makes and models of helicopter to suit our purposes. Zane is very familiar around helicopters after 31 years of guiding and will make sure safety considerations are paramount.

We use helicopter access for wilderness camp-outs and also day hunts where we get dropped off in the morning and picked up at evening without having to retrace our steps. Sure, helicopter transport is not inexpensive but the results are worth every penny and the ride itself it is a highlight of most every hunting trip. We try to fly with the closest operator to keep costs down.