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Catch Big Wild Trout 

with Zane Mirfin

Wilderness Fly Fishing / Helicopter Access / Sight Fishing / Dry Fly
Northern South Island, New Zealand


Unmatched Experience, Unrivalled Knowledge, Unbelievable Value since 1985 
  Updated 1 November 2022


Meet Zane, your New Zealand fishing & hunting guide

Zane Mirfin, 54, is one of New Zealand’s most experienced fishing guides and heads Strike Adventure Fishing, with 37 years continuous year-round professional operation, since 1985.

Zane Mirfin is a brand name in New Zealand Fly Fishing. Save time, money & frustration. Enjoy specialist and professional advice, great access, flexibility, with the best year-round fishing options available.

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“Simply put, Zane is an outstanding guide. His years of experience are very obvious when it comes to finding and spotting fish, knowing waters and putting the client in the best possible position to catch beautiful fish.”


Why fish with strike adventure?

Top professional advice & planning assistance

 We understand that organising a fishing or hunting adventure down-under can be a daunting task.

Strike Adventure is a proven safe pair of hands to assist you with your next big adventure and we can give you honest, expert, and objective advice on all facets relating to fishing, hunting, travel, and accommodation. Ask your questions today.

Learn new techniques & tactics from an expert outdoorsman

Zane Mirfin, 51, has been guiding 33 years since 1985 and has been featured in books, videos, magazines, newspapers, and calendars. His extensive knowledge, experience, and outdoor ability will help you to become a better angler or hunter on all South Island locations.

Zane is an enthusiastic and motivated guide, who is a patient teacher and fun companion who has your safety and success top of mind.

We’ll take you somewhere new every time

Strike Adventure is fortunate to have a large percentage of return clients, who recommend us to their family and friends.

We offer a large variety of experiences and activities over a unique geographic area so we always have a totally new adventure to show you or your friends. We understand that the real adventure of any outdoor experience for our clients is visiting fresh, new, and exciting places.


Target the Last Best Places in the South Island of New Zealand

In the eternal competition for finite resources, we know where the big fish swim and the trophy animals roam, so there's no need to play Russian Roulette on your next big adventure. Let us help you today.

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