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We've been out there doing it! Taking bookings for 2022-2023 Now.
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April 2020

Greetings from Brown Trout Heaven, New Zealand!

The world has changed pretty fast over the past month so here goes with our end of fishing season photos and update.

We hope that you and your family are safe and well.

New Zealand has had a month in Covid-19 Alert level 4 Lock-Down where we have all been restricted to home(Link to Covid website). Our family 'bubble" was two adults and four teenagers in the house (Jake,19, Ike, 18, Rosie, 16, Charli, 15) and we've had a lot of fun along the way. Our house, yard, and garden has never looked so good with much neglected work getting done. The office is in great shape too and hunting & fishing gear in the garage and sheds has never been so organised.

Aimee & Jake have been working full-time through much of the lock-down as essential workers manufacturing and distributing PVC face shields that have gone all over the country (Link to TM). Naturally, all hunting & fishing excursions went on ice on the 23rd March when everyone faced mandatory lock-down.

New Zealand has done well with minimising the health effects of the pandemic and signs appear hopeful that the country may be able to scale down to a Covid-19 Alert Level Three next week which will allow more public freedoms and allow fishing & hunting within close proximity of home. What will happen to the New Zealand economy and businesses is anyone's guess.

Our last newsletter before Christmas got sent out on auto-pilot without any photos so so we've got a selection to show you here about what we got up to then.

But as the fishing reached New Year and 2020 rolled around we hit another level. There were some really special trout about - some of the best we have seen in 34 years of guiding New Zealand's South Island. Some days we caught multiple Double Digit (10lb+) brownies. What a shame then, that we had no choice but to finish with premature evacuation!

Who knows what next season and beyond holds in store for visiting anglers? Hopefully our national airline Air NZ will make it to the other side, although with our national borders being shut for the foreseeable future, the tourism industry faces bleak times ahead. We've still got some guide days with Kiwi anglers ahead before winter and perhaps later on next season Australian anglers will be able to return. Maybe we'll get to do a lot more fishing & hunting ourselves.

Our professional Associations, the NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association (NZPFGA) and the NZ Professional Hunting Guides Association (NZPHGA) are doing the best they can in a difficult and challenging situation. Most of our guide members will just go to ground and divert into other business enterprises. Personally, we're  just so glad we don't own an accommodation, restaurant, airline, or fishing lodge business!

The Strike Adventure Ltd plan is to work on other business activities in the meantime and still be available for guiding in whatever format it may take into the future. Fortunately we know our customers personally and direct bookings have always worked well for us. We've revamped our new booking system for 2020-21 and beyond to make it really simple and safe for all our customers: No deposit, just pay the guide fee a week before you arrive. 

It's been said that you should never waste a good crisis and we're looking forward to the future. In November 2020, Zane (then 53) will celebrate 35 years of continuous guiding operation. It's been a great journey filled with excitement, adventure, and great friendships. The journey isn't over yet but let's focus on the fun trips only, taking our great customers to the last best places in search of premium fishing results.

We welcome expressions of interest for the 2020-2021 Fishing Season & beyond. Take advantage of a lifetime of fishing experience, ability, innovation and connections, exploring the rivers of the northern South Island.

Be part of Zane Mirfin's last thousand guide days!

With Kind Regards, Aimee & Zane Mirfin, April 2020.

IMG 8092-36
We had another great fishing season with many adventures and lots of fun along the way. Our last fly fishing guiding day for the season was on the 28th April. Our anglers were awesome and we enjoyed your company on-stream!

Here are some fishing photos from the tail-end of our fishing season...
IMG 8066-922 IMG 8010-980
IMG 7977-943 IMG 7982-944

The general fishing season closed on April 30th so the trout get to enjoy sex and rest before fishing commences again on Opening Day – October 1st 2019.

Thanks to those anglers who fished with us over the past seven months and many thanks to those who have already booked their fishing slots with Zane for the upcoming 2019-2020 fishing season.
IMG 8124-637 IMG 8081-638
IMG 8132-694 IMG 8195-719

Season Roundup

Drought conditions throughout the South Island made for challenging conditions at times over the middle of the 2018-2019 fishing season as detailed in our previous newsletter.
But then the rain came, the rivers got a good flush, the grass got green again, and the trout really turned on…

March & April provided some of the best fishing of the season, with many caught on dry flies, both mayfly & terrestrial patterns. Sneaking in close to cast at rising trout locked onto abundant autumn hatches was epic fun.
IMG 7985-566 IMG 8185-533
IMG 8012-273 IMG 8029-980

Best of all, we never saw a soul and had the rivers & trout to ourselves. We used 4WD, hiking, boat and helicopter, with all access methods getting our anglers onto the fish.

We’re looking forward to a short break over winter to work on other projects, but we’re already preparing for a busy fishing season starting on October 1st.
IMG 7959-720 IMG 8106-687
IMG 8172-717 IMG 8190-234

No doubt we'll invent some new killer trout flies over winter and we might even get up to Turangi in the North Island for some winter fishing action on spawning rainbows ascending the famous rivers that flow into volcanic Lake Taupo. Big game hunting and waterfowling is always eagerly anticipated, plus some hot saltwater fishing action in Tasman Bay, and by then Spring will not be too far away…

Taking Fishing Bookings for 2019-2020 Now.

There are always prime fly fishing dates in peak demand. Talk to us if you would like advice on best dates, prime moon phases, public holiday dates to avoid, and any other local intelligence information that can really enhance a fly fishing trip to NZ.
IMG 8087-397 IMG 8102-781
IMG 8046-160 IMG 8047-459

We've been guiding visiting anglers to the best places since November 1985 and our knowledge, experience, and ability on the river is highly sought after by anglers seeking big trout in wild places.
IMG 8024-323 IMG 8058-784
IMG 8037-836 IMG 7965-630

Zane offers a huge repertoire of angling experiences including angling road trips across the South Island, wilderness camp-outs, helicopter & boat access, plus our St. Arnaud (Nelson Lakes National Park) fishing base. Talk to us to get advice on the options that may suit you best.

If you’re considering a fishing trip to NZ in 2019-2020, get ahead of less organised anglers and secure your prime dates soon.

Greetings from a hot dry New Zealand! March 2019

IMG 7388-370

Here's what we've been up to over the past two months...
IMG 7473-381 IMG 7300-524
IMG 7577-82 IMG 7372-139
IMG 7922-150 IMG 7547-834

Alas, drought conditions have taken hold in many parts of the South Island but we’re enjoying being out there catching trout…
IMG 7419-172 IMG 7567-480
IMG 7313-610 IMG 7673-972
IMG 7591-596-951 IMG 7636-506

Low river flows and warm water are never easy fishing conditions, but our years of fishing experience, ability to go early, move around, and target the best waters, has worked well. On a positive note, we’ve actually found many new places to fish and have been able to access many previously inaccessible locations.
IMG 7739-307 IMG 7637-709
IMG 7588-294 IMG 7681-773

Over the past two months we’ve enjoyed some epic adventures, via hiking, 4WD, helicopter, and boat access. On a recent fishing day out, our biggest catch of the day was a wild pig that ran under the front wheel of the Toyota Hilux on our way home in the dark!
IMG 7714-738 IMG 7357-859
IMG 7483-518 IMG 7945-243

This summer we’ve been as far south as Wanaka, and caught trout in Nelson / Marlborough, West Coast, North Canterbury, Central South Island, and Otago Fish & Game Districts.
IMG 7696-344 IMG 7598-408
IMG 7574-403 IMG 7625-558

Everyone knows that January and February aren’t always the best months to fish New Zealand. Our favourite time is Fall / Autumn, and in our opinion March and April offer the best fly fishing of the season.
IMG 7760-518 IMG 7607-99
IMG 7728-555 IMG 7659-473

Late season fishing offers great weather, cooling waters, the most colourful & best conditioned trout of the year, few other anglers, and fish migrating up into open water were they haven’t been for months…
IMG 7569-604 IMG 7851-25
IMG 7520-346 IMG 7868-57

If you’re looking for an adventure fishing trip in March / April then give us a call!

IMG 7384-130

Happy New Year 2019!

Here's our latest newsletter again - Now with photos! Sorry, we were having too much fun on holiday and it went out on autopilot with no photos!  Thanks to everyone who reminded us or just got in contact to say hi.
IMG 7004-144 IMG 7268-110
IMG 6925-536 753edb15-2134-4dcd-a9a7-2569fe8df361-122
IMG 6951-349 IMG 7196-583
AA-866 IMG 7012-363

We’ve been out fishing and our anglers have been enjoying fine success out on the wild trout streams of the Northern South Island.
IMG 7118-860 IMG 6927-644
IMG 6882-971 IMG 7086-573
IMG 7029-17 IMG 7175-778
IMG 7278-977 IMG 6911-736

Local rivers have been fishing well, as have our epic fishing road-trips to the South & West to a magical array of waterways.
IMG 7140-413 IMG 7257-919
IMG 7033-426 IMG 7057-253

The weather hasn’t always been our friend but with more than 33 years guiding experience, we always know where to go whatever Mother Nature throws our way. We also have a lot of fun along the journey.
IMG 6969-650 IMG 6917-803
IMG 6893-370 IMG 6990-17

Boat, helicopter, hiking, and four wheel drive access get us to some pretty awesome wild places and we’d love to share these experiences with you too.
849ab0f7-c581-4a9b-adef-2f3ff73af150-12 IMG 6931-703
IMG 7244-155 IMG 7022-961

George Woods (now of Sydney) had a wonderful fishing experience this month. We’ve included some of his fine words which we really appreciate. We can’t wait for Fishing Part II with George!
IMG 7153-396 IMG 7165-134

“I just wanted to put in writing my thanks to you for arranging such a great fishing trip. The way you read the weather and leveraged your encyclopaedic knowledge of NZ rivers to pick the right locations on the right days was singularly impressive. I have never caught so many trout in one week, nor have I caught wild fish of such high average weight.
However, the biggest benefit for me was becoming both fitter and a better fly fisherman. As well as leading me on some great hikes, over the week I really feel you helped me tighten up my technique in all aspects of watercraft. And all the while having a good laugh. I will treasure our day fishing the XXXX as being the archetypal New Zealand fishing experience…”
IMG 7069-630 IMG 7101-50
IMG 7189-580 IMG 7084-140
IMG 7110-451 IMG 7220-675
IMG 7216-280 IMG 7234-222

We had time late last year away at D'Urville Island in the Marlborough Sounds hunting and fishing as a family.
IMG 6835-10 IMG 6847-686
IMG 6867-906 IMG 6841-779
IMG 6845-107 IMG 6832-304

We’ve still got fishing availability in January, February, March, and April 2019 for those anglers keen to test their fly fishing skills and to self-actualise on one of the World’s great wild brown trout fisheries. Thanks too, to those anglers who have already booked for the 2019-2020 Season – we appreciate your trust in us. Please get in contact with us if you’d like to know available dates.
IMG 7009-623 IMG 6939-197
IMG 6963-25 IMG 6957-209
IMG 6978-997 IMG 6980-834

We’re looking forward to the dry fly fishing of the summer months ahead. Terrestrial season is always an exciting time to bring big trout to the surface and we hope you can join us.
e2e180a7-d248-443f-a4d8-0bb27a28fd12-555 IMG 7142-452
IMG 6975-199 IMG 6948-92
IMG 7002-852 IMG 7156-364
Happy Holidays from your friends in New Zealand

Spring is here, 2018

IMG 6809-653

In New Zealand we’re fortunate to have year-round fly fishing on offer. Here are a few photos from fishing in the central North Island last week in August. 

Our general fishing season opens October 1st every year. It’s less than a month away until the full range of northern South Island waters open up for visiting anglers. We just can’t wait!

Thanks to all those anglers who have already booked their fishing slots for the 2018-2019 season. We can help you too!

Last fishing season went well and here are a few new pictures from last Summer & Autumn.

Angling Road Trips are always a strong feature of the angling calendar and we had fun visiting exciting locations, far from the madding crowd.

Saltwater Fishing from our MNZ Registered boat ‘Strike Adventure’ caught us plenty of toothy critters when anglers were after a change of pace and a variety of species.

Lake fishing worked like magic when rivers were blown out from heavy rain events. We also used the boat to access tributary streams that were a long walk from anywhere.

How about fishing on the Wildside with adventure helicopter access? With more than 30 years guiding experience we know how to make the best decisions under any conditions to ensure your fishing success.

Local rivers accessed by road are always the mainstay of any guided fishing operation. Drift dive survey data from Fish & Game show our local Motueka River has the best trout stocks for years.

Whatever the conditions, river flows, or season, we’ve always got somewhere exciting to take you fishing.

Hope we see you in New Zealand this season. We can help your friends too.
Best Regards, Zane & Aimee

Happy New Year from Zane & Aimee, 2018

IMG 0975-516

We’ve been out there fishing and hunting, and loving it. Best of all, we've been catching great fish, among stunning scenery, with special friends.
IMG 4707-999 IMG 1001-588

We thought we’d feature several of Zane’s recent bi-weekly newspaper 'Wildside' columns to accompany images of recent adventures…

Tahr Hunting the Wild Southern Alps
IMG 4444-275 IMG 4475-22
IMG 4390-711 IMG 4397-44

Peter Gamble of Melbourne, Australia, is a top man who had a great time and meritorious Himalayan Tahr success amidst the scenic grandeur of the Southern Alps…
IMG 4482-251 IMG 4533-985
IMG 4570-719 IMG 4577-356

Fly Fishing the Central North Island: Three ways for trout at Taupo.
IMG 4610-512 IMG 4688-562
IMG 4690-562 IMG 4692-90

American Zane Grey lit a fire under New Zealand troutfishing that burns brightly to this day, with his 1926 book, ‘Tales of the Angler’s Eldorado, New Zealand’. A quick trip North to Turangi and the legendary Tongariro River proved that the rainbow trout Grey described are still firing on all cylinders almost a century onwards…

Why Monday is a great day to Fish.
IMG 4776-67 IMG 4784-28

Actually, we fish every day of the week but it’s always fun to theorise. 

Love on the Fly: A Fly Fishing Love Story
IMG 0893-105 IMG 4853-48
IMG 4874-518 IMG 4866-679

Corey Ratner of California is a man where big brown trout and a beautiful woman are never far away. Corey had a special fishing experience this year with plenty of dry fly action, plus a successful marriage proposal onstream…
IMG 4829-25 IMG 4833-82
IMG 4802-785 IMG 4827-60
IMG 4817-317 IMG 4849-937
IMG 4897-461 IMG 4846-785

Fishing & Hunting Opportunities in 2018

IMG 0846-72 IMG 1009-255
IMG 4935-8 IMG 1023-612
IMG 5121-563 IMG 4764-986

Summer is in full force right now with weeks of continuous sun, silver rivers, and rising trout.
We've just had some welcome rain to freshen up the rivers for the sunny months ahead. Terrestrial dry fly fishing after the New Year is always a highly anticipated on the annual angling calendar.
Saltwater action hots up in the summer for Kingfish on the Flats, but don't forget about the 20 or so other year-round fish species in Tasman Bay.
Autumn and Winter rut trips for red stag, tahr and chamois are not too far way either. And don't forget the waterfowling for seven species of duck, geese, and swan during mid winter.
Then we're back to the start of the fly fishing cycle with opening day on October 1st!
IMG 4915-871 IMG 4931-252
IMG 4796-851 IMG 4881-127
IMG 5055-197 IMG 5071-958

Love to see you in NZ in 2018 or 2019! Remember, we’re only a phone call or email away…
IMG 5128-263 IMG 4714-777

Have a Happy New Year with Family & Friends. Best Regards, Zane & Aimee

Greetings from Nelson, New Zealand. Spring 2017

IMG 2192-2
Rebecca DePole, USA, in action February 2017.  Rebecca and Pat are back again in March 2018 for their next adventure with Zane.

Spring is officially here in NZ. It’s been a very mild winter and getting warmer every day. Our fishing rivers are in great shape too, with no significant flooding.  Fish & Game drift dives on many local rivers are showing pleasing trout numbers.
IMG 1183-282 IMG 1416-999

Our main fly fishing season starts on October 1st and quality fishing runs through until the end of April each year.

We’re looking forward to the upcoming fishing season and hope you can join us here down-under in 2017 -2018. As you already know, after 32 years of continuous operation as guides, we always have special places to show our valued customers.
IMG 3968-112 IMG 3923-595

This pre-season newsletter we thought we’d try something different:

Wildside is a newspaper opinion column that Zane Mirfin has been writing for almost 10 years. Published bi-weekly in the Saturday night edition of the Nelson Mail it is well received from subscribers across the northern South Island. Always focussed on the outdoors, and in particular fishing and hunting, Wildside often features the Mirfin family and their outdoor adventures together.

Here is a selection of Wildside columns written over the past year to showcase the variety of fishing and hunting we get up to here in NZ…
IMG 4348-350 IMG 2247-185
Rosie Mirfin, 13, with her first big billy goat, August 2017.
Read about hunting for goats in Marlborough with the Mirfins.
Dry Fly Fever: Read a selection of Zane's 2017 Fly Fishing Articles
IMG 9488-216 IMG 1786-768
St Arnaud Magic, Nelson Lakes National Park: Read a selection of Zane's general outdoor articles from 2017. Wallaby Success for Izaak Mirfin, 14: Read about the Mirfin family adventure to Kurow, South Canterbury in January 2017.

See you in New Zealand soon.

IMG 2159-651


Strike Adventure Fly Fishing, May 2017

IMG 3426-146
Fly Fishing the Final Frontier: Phil Clark, Australia, fishes Fiordland on his Epic Roadtrip around the South Island with Zane Mirfin, April 2017.

We had another great fly fishing season, and as always, our customers caught big trout in beautiful places creating special fishing memories along the way…
IMG 2194-518 IMG 2152-390
IMG 1183-931 IMG 2380-254
IMG 1142-743 IMG 1104-660
IMG 2611-770 IMG 1180-222

We fished a mix of local streams and wilderness rivers, accessed by 4WD, Hiking, Boat, and Hiking...
IMG 1256-948 IMG 1969-164
IMG 1272-234 IMG 2692-800
IMG 2650-410 IMG 3327-244
IMG 3066-982 IMG 2743-444

Helicopter fishing as always, was a huge buzz. Chopper access gets you to the last best places fast…
IMG 2711-109 IMG 2456-730
IMG 2332-98 IMG 1411-163
IMG 1074-412 IMG 3222-790
IMG 2467-493 IMG 1439-113

The weather wasn’t always our friend but our 32 years of professional experience, knowledge, and ability, always meant our customers had somewhere good to fish…
IMG 4043-719 IMG 1571-254
IMG 1201-316 IMG 1320-961
IMG 1327-991 IMG 1557-332
IMG 1431-199 IMG 2257-369

We made time to have family fun too, scheduling days off to enjoy together with the kids (4). We fished the Marlborough Sounds, hunted wallabies at Kurow, fished the Twizel canals in the Mackenzie Country, rode the luge in Queenstown, and even caught trout in Taranaki Province of the North Island.
IMG 1710-124 IMG 1785-558
IMG 1840-760 IMG 4125-638
IMG 1794-522 IMG 2854-136
IMG 1877-131 IMG 2990-60

Lake fishing when rivers were flooded out worked pretty well for our anglers. Our Maritime NZ registered boat MNZ134307 was great for accessing lake tributaries, either rivers, streams, or spring creeks…
IMG 3961-845 IMG 3924-673
IMG 3731-23 IMG 1375-880
IMG 3282-371 IMG 3971-603

Skip Herman of USA sent us some early photos of our times together in the 1980's! We’ve also added a few more of our latest fishing adventures with Skip & Meg this past summer. The fish haven't changed much but we sure have...
IMG 7287 Skip-797 IMG 7289 Skip-853
IMG 2558-769 IMG 2584-879
IMG 2621-497 IMG 2562-31

Our biggest fishing trip of the season was in April with Phil Clark of Australia where we enjoyed 16 magnificent days on-stream fishing the rivers, streams and lakes of the lower South Island. We fished South Westland, Otago, Southland, Fiordland, and South Canterbury with success. Using the boat for access on many days, we were able to fish special waters away from the madding crowd…
IMG 3117-320 IMG 3143-810
IMG 3207-657 IMG 3300-691
IMG 3254-306 IMG 3272-434
IMG 3293-661 IMG 3457-49
IMG 3435-738 IMG 3342-483

Thanks to those who have already reserved their fishing slots for the 2017-2018. We appreciate your bookings and look forward to seeing you soon…
IMG 1592-372 IMG 2248-578
IMG 2024-703 IMG 3487-208
IMG 2203-665 IMG 3623-544

Guiding availability is limited for the coming season so if you want Zane as your guide in New Zealand in 2017 – 2018 we suggest you make contact asap to avoid disappointment…

IMG 2240-207

Hope you’ve enjoyed checking out where we’ve been and what our fishing customers continue to experience and catch. See you in New Zealand sometime soon…

Happy Holidays & Seasons Greetings December 2016

IMG 1416-941
Happy Holidays & Seasons Greetings from New Zealand.

Wishing you, your family, and friends a happy time over the festive season. May 2017 be a fish-filled bonanza for you all.
IMG 1029-983 IMG 1012-50
IMG 1074-180 IMG 1180-78
IMG 1183-282 IMG 1064-454
IMG 1142-68 IMG 1085-816

December 2016 Fly Fishing Photos.

IMG 1187-840 IMG 1201-254
IMG 1104-766 IMG 1051-361
IMG 1026-378 IMG 1214-445
IMG 0968-957 IMG 1014-937

This month we've been fly fishing all over the northern South Island throughout Nelson / Tasman / Marlborough / North Canterbury / West Coast.
IMG 1272-420 IMG 1256-706
IMG 1248-41 IMG 1293-917
IMG 1368-734 IMG 1327-454
IMG 1345-970 IMG 1308-730

We’ve had some epic adventures, helicopter wilderness fishing, and great angling road trips.
IMG 1261-15 IMG 1349-158
IMG 1391-560 IMG 1435-744
IMG 1431-395 IMG 1408-817
IMG 1411-567 IMG 1439-850

We'll be sure to keep you updated with our ongoing fishing and hunting adventures in 2017.
IMG 1363-575 IMG 1403-388
IMG 1387-704 IMG 1375-713
IMG 1262-375 IMG 1147-283
IMG 1319-764 IMG 1155-768
Good Fishing Always & Dry Fly Days Forever. All the Best & Kind Regards,
Zane & Aimee

November 2016 Fly Fishing Newsletter – We’re catching Trout.

We've been busy fishing…

We’ve been out there fishing with good success across Nelson / Tasman / Marlborough / West Coast and North Canterbury Regions. Here’s a few piccies of what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks…
IMG 0648-49
“I’ve dreamt of visiting NZ to fly fish for many years, in-fact it’s been one of those bucket list activities and I’m so very pleased that every aspect of my visit to New Zealand and being guided by Zane exceeded my wildest dreams.
The places we went, the thought and consideration that went into matching my abilities, with the weather, and the many and varied locations we went couldn’t have been better. And of course, yes, the amazing fish we caught!!
New Zealand continues to be one of the world’s best kept secrets, and each time I visit I’m reminded of just how beautiful it is…in fact from my perspective it is arguably the most beautiful place in the world” 
 Rodd Cunico, Melbourne, Australia, 6 November 2016
IMG 0512-179 IMG 0530-793
IMG 0544-380 IMG 0552-673
IMG 0546-637 IMG 0550-9
IMG 0615-939 IMG 0675-76
IMG 0688-689 IMG 0559-49

IMG 0523-784
“Loved it. We’ll be back” Mark Woolley, Victoria, Australia, November 2016

East Coast Earthquake: Shaken not stirred.

The images have gone all around the world now of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake centred on Kaikoura on early morning 12am 14th November. It was certainly a good shake, with significant localised effects, most notably blocking the main highway on the eastern coast.
IMG 0732-485 IMG 0850-536

For us though, it is business as usual, as there is no significant trout fishing opportunity anywhere near Kaikoura. All our roads, airports, motels, and services are unaffected, in top shape, and ready to go. Zane has driven the two main alpine passes (Lewis and Arthur’s Pass) in the last couple of days when away guiding with road and river conditions being excellent.

Fishing Exploration…

We’ve always been known for our wide range of fishing options and locations, arguably the best in the business – and we’re still out there looking! You don’t guide for the money and Zane has always been there for the thrill of adventure and discovery. We’ve already found some great new places this fishing season to show you sometime…
IMG 0796-699 IMG 0835-416
IMG 0791-498 IMG 0832-901
IMG 0811-946 IMG 0483-37
IMG 0837-637 IMG 0852-815

Busy Year for Nelson / West Coast…

It’s an ill earthquake that doesn’t shake someone some good. With the East Coast highway and infrastructure between Seddon and Cheviot disrupted, probably for many months, there will be more traffic and tourists travelling via Nelson and the West Coast as they make their way up and down the South Island over the summer. Traffic volumes are predicted to quadruple through many local highways, and moteliers and ice cream shops must be rubbing their hands together for the trade that will inevitably come their way. The US election is now over, the stock market is rising, and it may well be a good time to book your fishing slot for the months ahead…
IMG 0524-134 IMG 0845-984
IMG 0624-924 IMG 0667-381

Zane’s Guiding Schedule

Things are looking up and up. Here goes with available dates that are left…
December 18-24th, January 4-8th, January 11 – 15th, January 28-31st, February 1-6th, February 25-27th, March 4- 11th, April 10-13th, April 18-23rd. Many of these dates won’t last long so we’re giving you first opportunity! Give us a call at +64-3-544 2100 and we can discuss all the exciting options available or check them out at Guiding quality anglers to quality locations is what we do best.
IMG 0683-208 IMG 0703-874

Our Earthquake Story

We left Hanmer after a few days of helicopter fishing, bound for the West Coast. Hanmer is an East Coast alpine town with geothermal hot springs, and noted for good fishing with big trout nearby. We heli-fished Reefton area that day and after a fine dinner we slept well until awoken by our beds rocking and rolling in the middle of the night. No problems, we went back to sleep and learnt the next morning on the TV news that we would have been stuck in Hanmer when the bridge across the Waiau was closed for precautionary reasons. No problems, we went heli-fishing again in the boulders and rainforest of the West Coast jungle, catching more nice trout. It was fishing as usual…
IMG 0707-812 IMG 0711-24
IMG 0719-370 IMG 0744-498
IMG 0760-725 IMG 0771-248
IMG 0779-84 IMG 0729-212
IMG 0768-70 IMG 0776-546

IMG 0764-473
“Thanks for another great adventure. Challenging weather but we made the best of it”
Paul Brower, California, USA, November 2016

Don’t Forget Our Other Adventure Options…

Not everyone is a fly fisher, and many anglers fish for saltwater fish and hunt too:

Saltwater fishing for about 30+ species using Zane’s MNZ Registered Vessel MNZ134307 is a year-round endeavour.

Flats-style Sight Fishing for Golden Bay Yellowtail Kingfish with fly rods is best January – March inclusive.

Trophy hunting for red stag, fallow buck, chamois, tahr, goats and pigs on public and private lands is best February – August

Waterfowl Hunting for Mirf’s New Zealand Waterfowl Grand Slam (7 species – mallard, grey, paradise, shoveller ducks, pukeko, Canada geese, and black swan) runs May, June, and July.

All available for further consideration on our website or give us a call on +64-3-544 2100
IMG 0468-778 IMG 0472-316

Bye for now…

Temperatures are warming nicely now and t-shirt weather is upon us. Best of all the Coloburiscus mayflies (Khaki Queens) are hatching and the trout are on ‘em. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on how the fishing is going over coming months…
IMG 0325-395 IMG 0287-705
Rodent Year?: The native beech trees have been seeding, maybe the rats and mice will come out to play and the trout will get big and fat. Golden Bay Flats Fly Fishing: The Yellowtail Kingfish will be coming on-shore into that knee-deep water over the coming months
IMG 0889-259 IMG 0885-374
BBQ Weather: The boys, Jake (16) and Ike (14) have been spectacularly successful on red and fallow deer with their grandfather Stuart.  These venison steaks and sausages were expertly cooked by Jake. Take Us To Your Leader: In 31 years of guiding we've guided young and old, big and small, male and female, and most races and creeds, but we've never had a green martian alien in our truck before.
IMG 0694-219 IMG 0887-874
No Boot Prints Here: So far so good, but we've hardly seen another boot-print this season, let alone other anglers. New Load Lid Works Well: We've successfully field tested our new truck with it's load lid.  The lid is fully lockable, waterproof, discreet, easy to access and keeps your valuable gear secure and out of sight.

Kind Regards & Happy Thanksgiving,

Zane & Aimee

PS. Hope to see you soon  Please feel free to forward on this newsletter to your outdoor friends. We can help them too.

Season Opening 2016

IMG 1912-984

Fishing Season Opening – Aimee Mirfin Update:

Yesterday, 1st October saw the opening of the general trout fishing season. Skies were grey with a smattering of rain but the first flies were cast and the first trout caught!

Heavy rain saw rivers swell in volume last night, so Zane is away in Golden Bay fishing for running whitebait and trapping possums. So I thought I’d send out a fishing news update…
IMG 0354-853  MG 1550-858
Opening Day 2016: The Maitai river flows through the heart of Nelson City and was Zane's favourite boyhood River.  Zane fished here opening day, supervised by daughter Charli (11) Maitai Trout: Zane's opportunities Opening day were limited by time, weather and a small girl's attention span but he did have some small success. He enjoyed getting a line in the water.
IMG 0131-170 IMG 0137-730
Whitebait on a plate: Whitebait are a transparent known delicacy that run upstream in coastal rivers during spring.  Zane and Izaak are out on the river catching them as I write. Whitebait Patties: Cooked in egg, a little flour and milk. Yum! Maybe there will be some for dinner?!
IMG 0351-416 IMG 0360-490
Updated Fishing & Hunting Truck: Our old truck had long had it's day. (Jake may have his eye on it) Our Toyota Hilux 4WD Vehicle should be a solid workhorse for all our diverse guiding activities, and get our customers there and back in comfort. Canopy to keep gear safe to be installed soon. Participant Angler Form: Much the same as our previous biodata form, the new participant angler declaration completed and signed by each angler, meets all new government Health & Safety standards, and helps us to keep you even safer on our rivers.
IMG 0163-525 IMG 0304-100
Updated Website: In case you haven't caught up, our new website is up and running. Lots of new and exciting adventure for you to try, fishing and hunting. Girl Power: Rosie Mirfin (L) and her friend Breanna pluck fur from a freshly caught possum.  The fur mixed with Merino wool makes wonderful warm clothing and keeps the kids in pocket money.
IMG 0287-705 IMG 0244-643
Golden Bay: Here is where our latest adventures have been based, whitebaiting and trapping possums these school holiday, but look out for more fishing based adventures as the weather warms up, especially those kingfish on the fly. Gurnard Action: Year-round fishing action in the sheltered and fertile waters of Tasman Bay.
IMG 0155-130 IMG 0250-759
Sight Fishing: Much like flyfishing it can be tough going on low light rainy days. Idyllic Scene: Waiting for the tide to push on a Golden Bay whitebait river.
IMG 0201-539 IMG 0358-649
More Whitebait Fever: Zane uses our boat to access the best spots away from the popular easy access points. Health & Safety Update: New look health and Safety Manual to meet the NZPFGA standards and to keep you, our customers safe whilst on your adventures with us.
This is probably a good place to remind all anglers that we recommend travel insurance and loss of deposit insurance in case your plans change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Available Dates:

If you’re planning a fishing trip down-under in 2016-2017 here are some exciting options still available. It’s still not too late to plan a great fishing trip with Zane:

October 23-28th: Early season fishing at it’s best. Stalk and sight-fish small streams for large trout. Get in early on these hungry and unsophisticated brownies.

November 19-26th: November is the prime month for South Island fly fishing with the historically highest catch rates. Sunny weather and bright sparkling streams with light fishing pressure.

December 18-24th: This classic week before Christmas is always one of the top weeks of the fishing calendar. There is no-one else on the river because few anglers travel before Xmas and the warm weather promotes good dry fly hatches including the legendary Kakahi Queen mayflies (Coloburiscus humeralis).

January 2017 11th-22nd: Summer is at full strength and the world is your oyster.

February 2017 1st-9th: We’ve just had a regular customer transfer their fishing dates to later in the season. It’s unusual to have a February slot become available at short notice. Prime time for fishing big terrestrial dry flies and targeting wilderness streams. Hurry – this slot won’t last long on the open market.

March 4-11th: March is a great month to fish. Beautiful settled weather, more pleasant temperatures, angler numbers dropping off, with dry fly and terrestrial fishing possibly at it’s zenith. Don’t delay on this available slot. We can split these dates with different groups if required.

April 19th- 30th: Last month of the general fishing season before winter approaches. Shorter days but more action per hour, with abundant river choices all yours. Great month for aggressive trophy trout moving into vulnerable headwater streams. Could suit hunters who are also keen anglers, both fly and lure , also seeking red stag, bull tahr, or buck chamois with Zane.

Flick us an email or give us a ring...We'd love to talk to you about fishing adventure options.
My cellphone is +64 274 726079, I'll have it on me, and can help with all your inquiries.

We’re excited about the upcoming trout fishing season and we’ll be sure keep you updated on where we’ve been and exciting fish our anglers are catching.

Best Regards,
Aimee Mirfin October 2nd

August 2015

Guides are only as good as their last trip.  Scroll back in time to check out previous fishing success
After a great USA summer trip to California & Utah (alas only 23 days), we're back in New Zealand. Spring is not too far away so we're busy taking bookings, working on our website (  and getting ready for the fishing season ahead.

Our USA visit was an awesome experience and our fly fishing presentation "Affordable Fly Fishing in New Zealand" to seven fly fishing clubs went really well. We had a great time meeting many new people and catching up with old friends.

We'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone involved who made our visit so special and memorable.  It's impossible to list everyone here but we appreciate the kindness and hospitality shown to us by so many. We'd particularly like to acknowledge the seven Californian clubs and their members; Santa Barbara Flyfishers, Fly Fishing Club of Orange County, Pasadena Casting Club, Golden State Flycasters, Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers, Wilderness Flyfishers, and Sespe Fly Fishers; Also our valued friends Jeff Pill, Chuck & Michelle Waterman, Craig & Joanna Adamson, Lynne Howard & Brett Reed, and Ben Taylor. Plus all the fabulous fly shop owners and staff who gave us such a warm welcome and great advice.

America is a wonderful country and Americans are wonderful people. For anyone interested, here are a few photos of our adventures in California and Utah...

Southern Californian Club Circuit

IMG 3704-387 IMG 3711-871
The Show Must Go On: Aimee sets up for our 55 minute presentation "Affordable Fly Fishing in New Zealand" before everyone arrives for club night in Encino. Top Table: Great food, company, and conversation before our fly fishing presentation in the second half of the evening at Encino.
IMG 3726-51 IMG 3507-555
Ventura Highway: The highways were busy but Southern California is a beautiful place and the land of opportunity. Here we are above the coastal town of Ventura before our evening presentation to Sespe Fly Fishers. Meet the Locals: Adrian Cid Uribe (L) picked us up from our hotel and led us through the evening at Pasadena Casting Club. We were particularly touched by fundraising efforts to help wounded veterans learn to fly fish and were in awe of the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.
IMG 3459-82 IMG 3514-946
Hot Chilli-Dog: Jeff Pill (L) introduced Zane to Chicago-style Hot Dogs for lunch in Burbank. Casting Championship: Zane and Marshall Bissett (R), Club President of Sierra Pacific Fly Fishers , have a friendly casting session on the Pasadena Casting Pond. Zane Grey, famous author of paperback westerns and the 1926 book "Tales of the Anglers Eldorado - New Zealand" once lived nearby in Pasadena.
IMG 3686-698 IMG 3697-219
Big Box Stores: If you're into shopping then California is a great place to visit. We experienced shopping malls and venues on a scale unprecedented within New Zealand. Here's Aimee checking out Basspro. Cool Down: It wasn't all work and we enjoyed swimming wherever and whenever we could.

San Diego R&R

IMG 3684-352 IMG 3695-540
Four Have Fun in San Diego: Michelle and Chuck Waterman (L) showed us the time of a lifetime at Mission Beach, San Diego. We explored, shopped, dined, and most importantly, fished. Sweet Treat: We enjoyed some great USA dining experiences.
IMG 3538-883 IMG 3544-841
Early Start: Launching the boat at Glorietta Bay, San Diego Harbour. Fly Fishing Freeway: Chuck Waterman heads out into the Bay with the Coronado Freeway Bridge as a fishing backdrop.
IMG 3639-960 IMG 3573-711
Pacific Ocean Guru: Chuck Waterman showing how it is done near the La Jolla Trench, Pacific Ocean. Double Header: Chuck Waterman catches two Spotted Bay Bass on the same cast.
IMG 3653-454 IMG 3607-831
Different Species: This US trip Zane caught 8 new species of fish. This one is a Mackerel caught amongst giant floating kelp beds. Braving the California Surf: Aimee swims in the Pacific Ocean at Mission Beach, San Diego.

High Sierra Nevada

IMG 3752-184 IMG 3791-206
High Altitude Wilderness: The Golden Trout Wilderness is a magic alpine wonderland. Gazetted by President Theodore Roosevelt, it is the fly fishing equivalent of the Galapagos Islands with the evolution of three unique trout species within the Kern River Complex. Little Kern River Magic: Our first challenge on Sierra day one was to drive from Ventura to Porterville, drop our gear, then drive deep into the mountains to Lewis Camp trailhead and hike four miles into the Little Kern Bridge area.
IMG 3771-0 IMG 3781-924
Little Kern River Golden Trout: The fish of the Little Kern look much like rainbows but are classified as Little Kern Goldens (Oncorhynchus mykiss whitei). They are highly adapted trout to a harsh alpine environment. Dry Fly Only: Little Kern Goldens ate small dries that imitated midges with gusto. It was a short but special afternoon session before a four mile hike back uphill to the trailhead.
IMG 3826-638 IMG 3832-203
Fly Shop Report: We enjoyed Flyshops throughout California and Utah meeting many fine people and getting much great advice. Local flyshops and top guides are always the experts on any fishery. Showdown at High Noon: Kimberley and Guy Jeans own & operate the Kern River Flyshop and Guide Service in Kernville, CA. Guy is a statewide fishing personality and is also a talented musician.
IMG 3847-552 IMG 3883-195
Kern River Diversity: The Kern river fishery offers everything from alpine trout to smallmouth bass. As we drove up the river system we listened to a Guy Jeans aka 'The Stoneflys' Music CD on the car stereo. Forks of the Kern Trail: Sierra day two we had the afternoon to get to the trailhead, hike down into the forks, fish, and climb 1.5 hours back up.
IMG 3891-746 IMG 3895-814
Upper Kern River: The Kern river was sure inviting but we were fishing at all the wrong times. Kern River Flyshop recommended fishing 5-11am before the water warmed in the drought flows but Zane fished 4-5pm! Descent to the Kern: Steep and hot, dehydration and altitude sickness are always possible. Don't forget about bears and snakes.
IMG 3900-414 IMG 3904-886
Fish On: The effort was worth it when trout started to hit small dries and soft hackle wets. The Prize: Mission accomplished with Kern River rainbows (Oncorhynchus mykiss gilberti) in a variety of sizes. They don't have to be big to be trophies.

Eastern Sierra - Lone Pine & Death Valley

IMG 3936-448 IMG 3951-142
The Joshua Tree: It may have been the title of an album for rock superband U2, but Joshua trees (Yucca brevifolia) are superbly adapted to hot, dry, desert climates. High Sierra Under the American Flag: Aimee at Lone Pine Visitor Center with the high Sierra behind. Mt Whitney is the highest mountain on the continental USA, outside of Alaska, at 14,505 ft asl.
IMG 3965-249 IMG 3980-47
Sierra Nevada: Imposing and everything Zane had ever dreamed about. The words of American pioneer environmentalist John Muir ring true when he wrote "Everybody needs beauty...places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul alike." Climb High for Goldens: Sierra day three afternoon at Horseshoe Meadow. The first stream had dried up, a rainstorm began with thunder and lightning, and time was running out to achieve the three trout trifecta in three days...
IMG 3991-985 IMG 3993-733
Ask the Locals: Park Rangers always have some good advice. Secret Stream: A trout rose to a natural fly and it was game on.
IMG 3996-225 IMG 4049-462
Lifelong Goal: California Golden Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss aquabonita) were carmine-splashed golden creatures with red, white, and spotted features. Truly fish of paradise at about 11,000ft. There's Golden's In Them Thar Hills: The catching was great and a #18 Lambroughton black hatchmaster dry fly on 6x tippet and three weight rod was deadly in small plunge-pools and riffles alike.
IMG 4053-675 IMG 4207-21
Gold Nuggets of the Sierra: The water is gin clear and many of the golden trout can be sight fished by spotting and casting to individual trout. Achieving the Sierra Kern trifecta was a bucket-list wish - we'll have to come back someday to add Sierra Paiute Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii seleniris). No Water is Bad Water: Between Lone Pine and Burbank lies @10 hours driving across unforgiving desert. Badwater basin is the hottest, driest, and lowest point in North America.
IMG 4235-655 IMG 4215-672
Photo-Op At Zabriskie Point: Death Valley National Park was unlike anything we'd ever seen before. No water = no trout. Baked or Fried: Whatever way you like it, the desert climate of Death Valley is swelteringly hot at about 45 degrees Celcius plus.

Salt Lake City

IMG 4250-85 IMG 4273-343
Great Salt Lake: One of the great natural wonders of the world awaits visitors to Utah. This huge natural basin has no outlet besides evaporation and is surrounded by high desert. Wasatch Brew Pub: Lunchtime with valued friends Craig & Joanna Adamson of SLC. The Pub had plenty of local beer brew varieties and Zane enjoyed a taste of 'polygamy'.
IMG 4282-431 IMG 4304-886
Antelope Island: The largest island in the Great Salt Lake, Antelope Island is also a State Park and home to Buffalo, Mule Deer, Big Horn Sheep and Antelope. Swimming In The Great Salt Lake: The locals thought we were nuts but with water more than six times saltier than sea water floating in the lake was an epic experience.
IMG 4323-558 IMG 4325-764
Uinta Mountain Escape: National Forests are everywhere in the USA and the Uintah Mountains are less than an hour out of Salt Lake City. Wild Waters: The mountain waters of the North Fork Provo River are an angler's delight.
IMG 4344-230 IMG 4332-25
Mountain Treasure: Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) are a beautiful char species from out East that thrive in the alpine and mountain streams of the West. They are angler-friendly and eat dry flies with a vengeance. We used Mirfz BLT #16 dry flies (commercially available from Manic Tackle in NZ) with great success. Guide's Holiday: When Zane isn't guiding anglers and hunters, he loves fishing or hunting new places himself. Especially for wild fish in wild places.
IMG 4387-64 IMG 4355-324
All American Journey: Craig Adamson was one of Zane's earliest fishing customers in the mid- 1980's and has been a great friend and mentor ever since. This fishing lunch at a small store in rural Utah symbolises (to Zane) everything great about America. Wild Rainbows: The Utah rainbows (Oncorhynchus mykiss) of the Uintah Mountains loved NZ trout flies too. Gotta love those Mirfz BLT (Black Little Thing) dry flies.
IMG 4421-304 IMG 4389-860
Provo River Tailwater: The Mid- Provo is one of the West's most famous tailwater fisheries and close to SLC. We caught plenty of brown trout fishing 6x fluorocarbon tippet and #22 midge nymphs, with split shot and indicator. How the West Was Won: Movie Icon John Wayne was never far away during our travels out West.
IMG 4259-374 IMG 4654-926-622
Freestyle: Zane tests out his ski skills (not) at Park City Winter Olympic Center in Utah. Leadlight Window: The USA is full of fine art but this is one of the best fishing pieces we've ever seen.

San Francisco

IMG 4476-617 IMG 4515-45
Wear Flowers in Your Hair: San Francisco was somewhere that Aimee always wanted to visit. Stars & Stripes: The USA flag brackets San Francisco City across the Harbour from Alcatraz Island.
IMG 4577-605 IMG 4521-605
Cable Car City: Riding the cable cars of San Francisco's hilly streets was loads of fun. Fish Man Of Alcatraz: Zane checks out a prison cell and plans his escape from Alcatraz.
IMG 4614-618 IMG 4639-537
Golden Gate Walkabout: After strolling across the famed Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco, it was a 3 mile walk to Sausalitio for fine icecream and to catch the ferry boat back to the city. Old Friends Catch Up: At 81 years old, Ben Taylor has fished with us in New Zealand many times. Here we enjoy lunch together and celebrate Ben's book "I Know Bill Schaadt: Portrait of a Fly Fishing Legend".
IMG 4659-592 IMG 4687-367
Golden Gate Angling & Casting Club: We were privileged to visit this iconic club and venue in Golden Gate Park - the training ground and competition venue of many of the world's finest fly casters. Here the club holds a memorial service for a valued member. No Fishing in San Francisco: At least not for us, but fish art, influence, and inspiration were everywhere so we had plenty of ideas to bring home to New Zealand with us...

Prospects for the Upcoming NZ Fishing Season

Coming off the back of a big fish mouse year and with the New Zealand dollar continuing to fall against the $USD (to levels unseen for at least a decade) means the South Island should be in for a big year ahead. We'd encourage anyone contemplating a trip down-under in 2015 - 2016 to lock in their fishing and hunting dates with us soon. Our trout season starts October 1st thru April 30th with excellent opportunities throughout. After guiding across four decades (80's, 90's, 2000's and 2010's) we know where to go and how to give you the best chances of success.Give us a call at +64-3-544 2100 or send us a note and we can advise available dates and adventure opportunities to suit your preferences.

In August and September we're out guiding saltwater anglers, spring chamois hunts, and even some late winter fly fishing on lowland rivers. We've got an outdoor adventure for every week of the year and invite you to join us soon.

Kind Regards & Tightlines,

Aimee & Zane Mirfin 

P.S. For our local anglers nearby, there is excellent saltwater fishing over coming months from our MNZ registered boat 'Strike Adventure'. Fish with lightweight sporting tackle for red gurnard, blue cod, tarakihi, and kahawai as the fish move inshore to gorge on baitfish. Our saltwater fishing special is NZ$600 incl.GST for 3 anglers. Pick a glorious sunny spring day and let's head ocean-side!

P.P.S. In November 2015, Zane celebrates 30 years or three decades of professional guiding. There are two weeks available in November and we invite you to share this milestone with us. We'll be sure to fish the St. Arnaud area, Nelson Lakes National Park where it all began...

New Zealand Fishing Newsletter - July 2015

IMG 2159-134

We had great summer / fall fly fishing for big trout. Mouse fever was certainly lots of fun for our overseas anglers. Bookings for next fishing season October – April are shaping up well especially with the Kiwi dollar (NZD$) continuing to slide against the USD$ and AUD$ making New Zealand fly fishing  the most affordable it has been for years. We already have bookings for every month of the 2015 -2016 season and encourage anglers to inquire soon for available prime dates.
032-316 032a-133
In May & June we were out guiding saltwater fishing trips with local anglers. Tasman Bay is a year round fishery and we’ve had some epic fishing with beautifully sunny calm days. Best of all, it is excellent value at only NZ$600 including GST for the winter fishing special that runs through until the end of September.
IMG 3081-991 IMG 3085-521
Winter waterfowling has been excellent too, with generous bag limits for mallards, grey, and paradise ducks. We hunted some exciting new areas with good potential for next winter's hunting season. In one place, there were trout rising in amongst our decoys!
IMG 3225-686  MG 0036-605

Today, we’re off on a big overseas adventure to Southern California by invitation from seven fly fishing clubs between Santa Barbara and San Diego. It’s the world circuit of fly fishing presentations and we’re excited to be invited back (our last speaking tour was in 2008). Here's what they are saying about us.../site/strikeadventure/files/ZaneMirfinPresentationUSA.pdf
001-861 031-296

We’ll be presenting an image-rich show titled “Affordable Fly Fishing in New Zealand” concentrating on how to best fish the northern half of the South Island. It’ll be lots of fun and any anyone in California is welcome to attend. We'd love to catch up if you're in the neighborhood.  Here’s the schedule for anyone interested...

July 7th: Santa Barbara Fly Fishers -
contact: Diane Honaker 805/432-1064

July 8th: Fly Fishing Club of Orange County -
Contact: Andy Frumento 714/996-8655

July 9th: Pasadena Casting Club -
Contact: Seymour Singer 323/445-5936

July 13th: Golden State Flycasters -
Contact: Mike McClain 760/591-0700

July14th: Wildness Fly Fishers -
Contact: Jeffrey Pill 818/504-9171

Sespe Fly Fishers -
Contact: Gary Bulla 805/340-6624

July 15th: Sierra Pacific Flyfishers -
Contact: Marshall Bissett 818/259-1551
436-310 213-581
374-268 338-284

We’re looking forward to some California sun and summer heat on our holiday but also hoping to do some fly fishing too. We’re in contact by email ( or Aimee’s cellphone is on international roaming at:
+64 274 726079

March & April 2015 Fishing Photos

It's been a while since our last newsletter in February but we've been busy fishing....
IMG 2401-882 IMG 2511-424
IMG 2530-958 IMG 2549-923
"One week out from my 3 day heli-fishing trip and everything was sorted, the brief was to catch myself and my US based mate a big brown trout each. Zane had it all planned and we were set.

Fast foward 24hrs and it all unravells. Colleague grounded due to ill health and the finance director is not going to approve a solo heli-mission. I am pretty deflated.

'No problem!!!' beams Zane down the line between Brisbane and Nelson, 'bring comfortable boots, a sense of humour and whatever extra fitness you can build and we'll hike in for your 10lb shot. Won't promise you a fish but we will see them'.

Well, 3 days and 15 fish later, I managed 8, 8lb or bigger, and achieved my 10lb goal with an 11.5lb pig.

Zane works hard, fishes to the conditions dealt up on the day which may mean a wholesale change to Plan A from yesterday's briefing session to maximise the chance of active and catchable fish. Always with an array of "Mirfz Special" flies he customises to the environment that just work.

The hook pulling out of a couple well over 12lb at the net is all the impetus I need to get back next year."

Steve Lennard, Brisbane, Australia, 21st March 2015
IMG 2823-475
"Zane, thanks for another memorable and enjoyable fishing trip. You will always be the innovator (an inspiration we have embraced) and you always work hard for us without question. Many, many laughs are always a feature, as well as a bit of two way comparison and reflections on life's experiences and lessons. No matter what the outcome of the day, nothing beats having an adventure with a great mate as you have become to us..."
Nathan Dickens, ACT, Australia 15th April 2015
IMG 2159-770 IMG 2147-430
IMG 2324-733 IMG 2190-396
IMG 2723-120 IMG 2880-301
We've been all over the northern South Island in search of big trout during March & April. The fishing wasn't always easy but guide and anglers rose to the challenge and caught beautiful trout along the way.
IMG 2121-493 IMG 1044-693
IMG 2141-336 IMG 2561-69
IMG 2660-66 IMG 2577-209
Summer was quite dry but low water conditions created some wonderful fishing opportunities, especially fishing over trout that had been feeding on mice.
IMG 2174-463 IMG 2138-114
IMG 2152-303 IMG 2198-573
IMG 2146-308 IMG 2246-833
Thanks to those anglers who have already booked their slots with Zane for the upcoming 2015-2016 fly fishing season starting October 1st. It's already looking like a big season ahead.
IMG 2933-90 IMG 2661-52
IMG 2250-233 IMG 2206-352
IMG 2421-635 IMG 2363-199
Everyone knows that the New Zealand fishery has changed and that you need the best help available to get premium results. This year we fished many new locations and continued to innovate with new techniques and strategies. We look forward to sharing this knowledge with you.
IMG 2126-552 IMG 2286-920
IMG 2410-995 IMG 2868-966
IMG 2695-347 IMG 2645-573
Saltwater fishing has been going well, with lots of demand - particularly from local anglers. Here in Tasman Bay we are fortunate to have a year-round fishery with epic winter sun so pick a nice day and let's go. We can supply all equipment, including goretex waders & boots, if you like to stay toasty warm and dry.
IMG 2736-385 IMG 2774-79
IMG 3007-111 IMG 2755-402
IMG 2741-241 IMG 2902-380
IMG 2763-914 IMG 3027-689
We're excited about winter, with lots of projects already underway, but we're never too busy to go fishing or hunting and we welcome your call or email.
IMG 2166-182 IMG 2241-908
IMG 2683-364 IMG 2738-289
IMG 3011-205 IMG 2768-579
IMG 2654-772 IMG 2374-16
IMG 2855-324 IMG 2270-89
IMG 2310-5 IMG 2457-957
Talk to you soon.
Kind Regards, Aimee & Zane Mirfin

February 2015 Fishing Photos & Update

IMG 1855-341
Beastmaster: 14 year old BT Walker and his Dad Brooks enjoy dry fly success.

"Zane, Thank you for 3 wonderful days on the rivers in NZ. We had a great time fishing with you and it was really nice to catch up after all these years. Guaranteed to not let so much time pass before our return. BT is really keen to hunt deer & tahr with you on our next trip!" Brooks Walker, San Francisco, USA
IMG 1734-509 IMG 1825-570
 MG 0772-44 IMG 1757-972
IMG 2019-878 IMG 1970-470
February has been a busy month for fly fishing. We've been all over the northern South Island on both sides of the Alps. Helicopter wilderness trips are always the highlight but we've been fishing local access drive-to rivers as well. These are recent photographs of what we have been up to in February.
 MG 0787-731 IMG 1899-382
IMG 1765-50 IMG 1874-960
IMG 1821-895 IMG 2102-865
As we write the days are getting shorter & cooler, and every day into March sees the fishing turn up a notch. Best of all, rain is forecast in some areas which will alleviate the drought conditions we have faced over the summer period. We've still got some availability in April for those anglers who want to see the best of the fishery with trout in maximum size, condition, and colour. These trout start moving upstream re-colonising open water and feeding heavily after the summer doldrums.
IMG 1916-688 IMG 2016-609
IMG 1835-459 IMG 1879-872
IMG 1981-129 IMG 2010-736
If you're a local, the saltwater fishing in Tasman Bay for snapper, tuna, tarakihi, cod, kahawai, and gurnard goes into overdrive during March, April , and May. The late autumn / fall weather results in beautiful sunny days, no wind, and flat seas which turn on excellent fishing results. We're always keen to show you our bountiful year-round saltwater fishery, so give us a call for a great day out.
IMG 1871-857 IMG 1935-931
IMG 1993-737 IMG 2086-173
IMG 2048-816 IMG 1788-784
We're currently getting a lot of  fly fishing inquiries for the 2015-2016 season and it looks like being a big year for us. We'd encourage anyone who is looking for prime dates to get in touch with us soon to secure your fishing slot for next season and know you have the best options in place.
IMG 1720-232 IMG 1891-834
IMG 1848-928 IMG 1965-198
IMG 1812-269 IMG 1912-36
IMG 1811-182 IMG 2030-663
If you are interested in a fall / winter hunting trip (April, May, June, July, August) for red stag, himalayan tahr, chamois, fallow buck, goat, ram or waterfowl please give us a call. We do hunts on public and private lands, and game estates, using 4WD, boat, and helicopter access. We've got all the connections, equipment, and safety gear to make your hunt a success (we can even add in some trout and saltwater fishing if you wish!).
IMG 2044-7 IMG 2073-640
IMG 1943-983  MG 0809-48
IMG 1961-413 IMG 1983-71
March is looking like a busy fishing month too so we'll be sure to keep you updated in our next photo newsletter.
IMG 1742-174 IMG 2053-885
IMG 2080-1 IMG 1947-920
IMG 1780-86 IMG 2119-483

Kind Regards, Zane & Aimee

PS. Our Home phone number is +64-3-544 2100

January 2015 Fishing Photos & Update

IMG 1645-85
" Zane - Thank you for two awesome days. What a fish that was!"
Skip Herman, Chicago, USA, February 1st, 2015
IMG 1528-966
"Having never been to New Zealand before and being given some money towards a flight as a 50th birthday present, I talked my fishing-partner-in-crime Damien into a trip over from Australia. I wanted to make sure we had some time with a local guide who could point us in the right direction and show us the ropes. Zane Mirfin came highly recommended and certainly delivered all you could hope for in a guide. He showed us spectacular scenery, big fish in an awesome setting, great hospitality (thanks also to his lovely wife Aimee) and hey, he even carried our lunch for us. Damien and I both managed to catch our record biggest fish and despite my best efforts to scare away some trophy fish, he kept his cool and did a stella job locating the next ones and giving us the best chance to land them. It was a great experience and I learnt heaps which was what we'd asked for and without Zane's knowledge and ability, we could easily have come home with a blank. Huge fish in crystal clear, skinny water are always difficult to catch. We all got on like a house on fire and will be sure to keep in touch. We'll be back to explore NZ again for sure and Zane will be my first call in organizing the next trip. A great guide and a top bloke.."
Adrian Hannan, Melbourne, Australia, January 30th, 2015
IMG 1216-482
Happy Man: Anders Heimdahl, Sweden, January 10, 2015

Summer has arrived with hot sunny weather and low river flows. We've had some great dry fly fishing and caught some remarkable trout. We're really dialling-in on where the big fish are and looking forward to February & March fishing with big terrestrial dry flies.
IMG 1242-703 IMG 1254-512
IMG 1615-524 IMG 1124-848
IMG 1506-701 IMG 1194-264

In February we're guiding lots of repeat customers and we're targeting some truly exciting locations. Unlike lodge-type operations that have to pound the same waters days after day, we are flexible, innovative, and highly mobile. We have a simple philosophy that our customers understand - We go where the fish are!
IMG 1113-604 IMG 1136-149
IMG 1276-706 IMG 1160-570
IMG 1197-562 IMG 1310-858

We still have some availability in March - April so if you want to catch a big trout this is the year to do it. Give us a call and we can help you or your friends.
IMG 1626-680 IMG 1539-972
IMG 1478-972 IMG 1361-488
IMG 1329-659 IMG 1582-305

Saltwater fishing has been fun and we've had couples and families out in Tasman Bay with great success. If you want a wild adventure close to Nelson City, we can show you great fishing for multiple species on light sporting tackle. Trolling for kingfish and albacore tuna is good for the next couple of months too. Tasman Bay is a year-round fishery and some of the best fishing is during the winter when the seas are calm and the fish are hungry.
IMG 0647-785 IMG 1554-207
IMG 1563-740 IMG 0609-158
 MG 0730-130 IMG 1142-281
IMG 0708-68
IMG 1449-416

Alas, our hosted trip with Far North Sports Fishing in Northern Queensland, Australia has had to be postponed until next year. But FNSF ( still have some spots available to anyone who wants to experience some of the finest saltwater fishing available on the planet. They've been pioneering some awesome new saltwater fly fishing destinations too - sight fishing on both flats and reefs.
FNSFTuna3-487 BlueMartini-524
DinnerFNSF-264 FNSF-910

Hunting season isn't too far away. The stags are close to having hard antler and the tahr, chamois, goats and pigs have headwear year-round. We've already got our winter firewood cut and we've got some exciting new properties to hunt too. We do helicopter wilderness campouts for wild free-range stags, tahr, and chamois, and have the full range of options and equipment. We hunt private lands and game estates too. Tell us what you hope to achieve and we can organise it.
Chamois buck Chamois Hunt 1
IMG 1545-423 IMG 1532-717
IMG 1666-282 IMG 1415-493
IMG 1315-455 IMG 1139-309

We'll be sure to keep you updated with new photos as the season progresses.

IMG 1656-797
Good Fishing & Kind Regards, Zane & Aimee
Home Phone +64-3-544 2100

PS. Zane has entered the modern world and now has a Samsung Tablet along on guiding trips so he can be more accessible in evenings to answer queries and questions (and also to show where you will fish or hunt the next day!)

PPS. We're starting to sell trips for 2015-2016 season too (October 2015 - April 2016), so if you want to get in early on any preferred dates, now might be the time to get in touch.

Wishing you Happy Holidays…
….and a Great Year in 2015!

Dear #Customer.FirstName#,

We've been out catching more great trout in December 2014...
IMG 0857-9
“A wonderful finale to our day of wilderness heli-fishing. My largest brown ever, caught on a small dry fly in the lashing rain. A great adventure. Thanks Zane for your expertise, support and friendship” Peter Dimbylow, UK, 7 December 2014.

Fly Fishing Success - December 2014
Our anglers Peter Hansson, Andreas Lundqvist (Sweden), Peter Dimbylow (UK), Mathias & Jorgen Hausberger (Austria), and Scott Crawford (USA), were an inspiration to us and awesome company onstream. We fished Nelson, Marlborough and West Coast regions. Here’s a few photos of what we got up to…
IMG 0779-721 IMG 0822-604
IMG 0809-216 IMG 0901-501
 MG 0798-808 IMG 0800-992
IMG 0909-169 IMG 0951-978
IMG 0861-222  MG 0312-797
IMG 0924-923  MG 0027-292
 Here's some more December photos...
IMG 0797-749 IMG 0944-456
 MG 0037-959 IMG 1101-990
IMG 0933-948 IMG 0804-897

Big Trout Year
 MG 0016-653
Valued Customers: Jorgen & Matti Hausberger, have done a lot of fishing with Zane already this season and have caught some great trout along the way...

There are some grand trout around this summer, nicely fattening on rodents, thanks to beech tree seeding last summer. We’re dialled in on the best places to go and are seeking anglers who can walk far, cast well, be flexible in fishing options, and maybe use helicopter access to get to the hot spots fast.

Who knows - You may catch the trophy brown trout of a lifetime. We’re always keen and still have availability 11-18th and 24-25th January, 12-15th and 25-26th February, 2-13th and 25-26th March. April is a good month to combine fishing and hunting too. We’d love to talk fishing options with anyone interested at phone +64-3-544 2100 or

We haven’t been out in Tasman Bay much lately (lots of trout fishing!), but the fishing at sea is always good. The snapper are out there in good numbers and size, with lots of red gurnard, trevally, kahawai, kingfish, tarakihi, blue cod etc to make an impressive selection of fish to target. Our premier species, albacore tuna, are due in the Bay any day and usually hang around until May. Last year these hard fighters were @ 20lb, and are fabulous sport trolling big surface lures. We now do multi-day saltwater trips based from the Marlborough Sounds too.
IMG 0894-98 Scott Mirfin Snapper 400
Nelson City Fishing: Blake, Neville, and Scott enjoyed saltwater success in December 2014 - catching 8 species for the day. Snapper City: Tasman Bay snapper are readily accessible from Nelson City, Richmond & Mapua. We have wild, rugged & isolated coastline, golden sand beaches, and estuary fishing options.
Snapper Nov 2013 400 Albacore Tuna Nelson 192 400
Versatile Sportsfish: We catch snapper on bait & berley, jigging, casting lures, livebaits, flies, even trolling - it's fun! Alberts Galore: Nicknamed 'Alberts' Albacore Tuna are great sport on light tackle, sounding deep and really pulling some string. With pearlescent shades of loveliness, they are a real trophy fish of Tasman Bay.

Professional Hunter Academy (PHA)
After 29 years of guiding experience (since 1985), It’s always good to go back to school…
The New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association ( takes hunter safety and guide training seriously, and every member is expected to complete the Professional Hunter Academy (PHA) Course.
 MG 0063-925  MG 0113-951
West Coast Solitude: The long drive South was as beautiful as ever. Zane stopped for a burger and fries at Hokitika, enroute to Whataroa, South Westland. Magnificent Otago: Lake Wanaka is a shining jewel on the way to Lake Hawea. Both lakes are big, full of fish, and have legendary fly fishing tributaries.
 MG 0308-19  MG 0339-440
Big Classroom: The NZPHGA Professional Hunter Academy was held in the Glen Dene Station woolshed, Lake Hawea, Otago. Big Stags: Glen Dene Station produces some marvellous red stag trophies each hunting season. Here Zane Mirfin holds a beauty scoring 420 SCI.
 MG 0177-286  MG 0216-419
Home on the Range: Testing rifle technique and accuracy is all part of hunting and guiding. The Glen Dene rifle range scenery isn't ugly either. Leader of the Pack: Course Tutor James Cagney (green earmuffs)) is one of New Zealand's finest hunting guides and his experience and professionalism set the standard for the PHA.

The five day course (15-19th December) was held at Glen Dene Station, Lake Hawea, Otago, with course tutor being Masterguide James Cagney of Canterbury. We had classroom and practical sessions with plenty of input from experienced course participants. The course covered 23 topics from river crossing and firearms safety, to taxidermy and client considerations. It wasn’t all work though and we had a lot of fun learning about lodge etiquette, private game estates, and Aerial Assisted Trophy Hunting (AATH). The course venue was a great place to meet new people, make new connections, and be inducted into the inner sanctum of the hunting industry.
 MG 0342-856  MG 0326-371
Helicopter Training: Safety around helicopters is paramount and all course participants got practical training in and around helicopters. Would you like Tines with that?: Some of these trophy stag heads are truly incredible.
 MG 0320-849  MG 0455-268
Chief Butcher: NZPHGA Member, Dan Rossiter of Hawea is a highly skilled man with a knife. Dan impressed everyone with his ability to teach meat skills and how to get the best cuts off an animal. Talented Taxidermist: David Jacobs of Queenstown ( is the standard against which all other New Zealand taxidermists are measured. Here David demonstrates the correct way to salt a headskin.
IMG 1000-912 IMG 1009-277
At Day's End: It wasn't all hard work. Here tutor James Cagney (L) shares a beer with T. Liavaa, Gordy Watson, Duncan Stewart, and Barry Dodds. Helicopter Practice: Hill pick-up and drop-off is an important skill for pilots and guides, as is animal retrieval and transport.
 MG 0468-10  MG 0498-594
Lodge Hosting Skills: Making sure guests are comfortable and have a great time is important on a hunt. Here Richard Burdon, owner of Glen Dene Station (far end of table) proposes a toast to the hunt. On the left in Blue, is Sue Telford of Richard & Sarah Burdon ( were gracious hosts over the 5 day course, worked tirelessly, and the food was awesome! Does Yours Measure Up?: Barry Dodd of Hawea (L) ( and James Cagney measure a big Glen Dene Stag by the Safari Club International scoring method.
IMG 1034-671  MG 0521-885
Big Crossing: River skills are important in a country like New Zealand and working together can make the big crossings manageable. From Left is Gordy Watson, James Cagney, Stacey, Olly Burke ( and Zane Mirfin. Stacey was the sole female guide on the PHA and she was awesome. Emergency Rope Skills: Hauling guides across the Hawea river, with and without packs was a fun emergency tactic to learn. Angelo G. was on the end of the rope on this "crossing".
IMG 0977-309  MG 0280-954
Laird of the Loch: Richard Burdon of Glen Dene Station points out some stags in the half light of morning, with Lake Hawea in the background. Successful Glen Dene Hunt: "Client" Gordy Watson of Minaret Outfitters ( with his "Trophy" (red deer spiker) and "Guide" Zane Mirfin ( Thanks to Richard Burdon for the deer.
IMG 0979-691 IMG 1084-478
Political Mastermind: Roger Duxfield (L) of Putaruru, North Island, is a life member of the NZPHGA. He is a key member of the NZPHGA executive committee and also a Government appointee on the NZ Game Animal Council. His vision has shaped the NZPHGA to what it is today. Here Gordy Watson and Zane Mirfin enjoy a break on the hill with Roger. All Legal: New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association Certificate 2015. Thanks to Membership Secretary Chris McCarthy of Lake Hawea Hunting Safaris ( for advice and mentoring. John Berry, Treasurer NZPHGA ( was awesome too.
 MG 0579-526
Guru Guide: Gary Joll of Fairlie, South Canterbury is one of New Zealand's greatest hunting guides. Pioneer, innovator, and original co-owner of Lilybank Station, Gary Joll is rightly regarded as the man who set high professional standards within the industry. Interestingly, Gary trained iconic fishing guide Tony Entwistle at Lilybank in the early 1970's, and years later in 1985, Tony trained Zane Mirfin. Here we are in Gary's personal trophy room, where he signed Zane's copy of his recent book "Fifty Years of Trophy Hunting".

Hunting season starts soon with stags in hard antler from late February. Come and hunt red stags, fallow bucks, thar, and chamois with Zane over the rut (between March – July depending on species). We hunt both public and private lands, with or without helicopter access. Other species available include goats, pigs, rams, and waterfowl. We can combine fishing and hunting trips year-round too (
Give Zane a call to discuss all the options for a great 2015 New Zealand hunt.

Fishing Northern Queensland, Australia, March 28th – April 2nd

Co-Owner of Far North Sports Fishing (, Tony Fyfe, just sent us the latest photos from a week filming with Australian TV fishing star, Mark Berg, of Mark Berg's Fishing Addiction.
sunset-825 BlueMartini-524
FNSF-910 MarkBerg2-921
MarkBerg5-370 DinnerFNSF-264
DinnerFNSF2-193 FNSFTuna3-487
MarkBerg7-458 TonyFyfeFNSF-276

Help!! – We need more anglers to come on this fabulous Australian trip-of-a-lifetime, hosted by Zane. Zane has been on the mothership ‘Blue Martini’ with Far North Sports Fishing ( twice now and can vouch for how good the fishing is. You’ll visit some of the remotest water in Australia between Cape York and Cape Melville, in the northern most extremity of the world famous great barrier reef. The variety of fish types and species is incredible, as is the fishing operation - including mothership, state of the art fishing dories, service, cuisine, and top quality guides. All fishing gear is supplied and you just need to meet up with us in Cairns to start this epic journey utilising helicopters to access ‘Blue Martini’ mothership in remote Princess Charlotte Bay. Zane knows the owners and staff well and no corners have been cut to make this one of fishing’s last great adventures.
If you’d like to know more about this trip give Zane a call at +64-3-544-2100 to hear more…Only AUD$9150.00 pp ex. Cairns, Australia for 6 days / 5 nights / includes return long distance helicopter transport - an absolutely incredible and un-rivaled fishing journey!
FNSFTuna-185 FNSFDinner-620 FNSFTunaEye-739

Happy New Year for 2015!
All the Best for a wonderful 2015. We wish you, your family, and your friends, happiness and prosperity.
IMG 0594-591 IMG 0889-125
'Twas The Morning of Christmas: Many of our valued friends and customers ask about the kids. Here they are early on Christmas morning 25th December 2014. From left, Izaak (Ike) 12, Charlotte (Charli) 9, Rosanna (Rosie) 11, and Jacob (Jake) 14. These Boots Are Made For Walking: There are many miles to walk yet this fishing season and we'll be doing it in Riverworks X Series Wading boots ( Designed here in NZ with a one piece moulded sole these state-of-the-art boots are the finest we have ever worn on-stream. Our overseas customers think so too. You can buy yours from Strike Adventure for NZ$299.00

See you in New Zealand.

We're out there catching fish...

 MG 0205-75
"Another fantastic day here in New Zealand, with Zane as a guide.  A perfect day, perfect guiding, it's fantastic!" Jorgen Hausberger, Austria. 18th November 2014

Our fishing stars in this November newsletter are Juerg Nagel (Switzerland), Nathan Blackburne & Jason Munce (Australia), Peter Conley & Mike Craig (NZ), Mike Fitzgerald (USA), and Jorgen Hausberger (Austria).
 MG 0125-455 IMG 0676-85
 MG 0237-635  MG 0274-596
 MG 0173-597  MG 0182-598
 MG 0225-14 IMG 0691-49
IMG 0708-193 IMG 0695-270
 MG 0089-257 IMG 0764-310
IMG 0692-509 IMG 0686-230
 MG 0249-442 IMG 0408-344
IMG 0415-264  MG 0364-899
 MG 0650-392 IMG 0394-417
 MG 0436-911 IMG 0198-398
IMG 0769-333  MG 0665-840
 MG 0420-935 IMG 0746-603

We've still got availability throughout the season till the end of April 2015 so give us a call and we can advise on dates.

October 2014 Newsletter

The onslaught has started…and we’re declaring war on the trout population.
 MG 0039-61
"I had a fantastic two days with Zane in October.  Zane is a pleasure to fish with, given his unparalleled knowledge of New Zealand rivers, conditions and fishing techniques.  Plus his patience, personality and ability to spot wild trout!  The next trip is already planned". Peter Conley, NZ

 The general fishing season opened on October 1st and the fishing is great!
IMG 0632-606 IMG 0649-680
First Trout in NZ: Jorgen Hausberger of Austria in action October Magic: Jorgen Hausberger in Marlborough.
IMG 0642-838 IMG 0587-545
Lowland Rivers: Early season action on the Rai River. Rainbow Connection: Bright feisty trout.
IMG 0673-940  MG 0025-863
Power Finish: Last brownie of the day for Pete Conley, NZ. Took us downstream through 5 pools in a small, fast flowing, snag-filled stream. Wilderness Stream: Pete Conley with yet another brownie, stalked, sighted, and caught on a small nymph.
We’ve had some awesome weather with high sun, light winds, and clear sparkling waters.
September fishing on lowland waters went well too. Now that we’re full on fishing we’ll be sure to give you regular reports about where we’ve been and what we are catching...

Our website is: or email:
IMG 0454-892 IMG 0473-473
First South Island Brownie: Andrew Vanner, North Island, NZ, in September on the lower Motueka River First Fly Rod Trout: Maria Rzoska proudly holds her first South Island trout, and first on fly, with Andrew Vanner looking on.
IMG 0230-543 IMG 0224-426
Rainbow Man: Stevie Bell, Australia, loved the September rainbow trout Woolly Buggery: Pink buggers worked well.
From a saltwater perspective, red gurnard and blue cod are close inshore and hungry and the snapper have been heading south from deeper winter waters and are coming closer to land by the day. There’s always some great year-round fishing in the salt and Tasman Bay is probably fishing the best it has in forty years according to the old timers out there. A great day out whether you are local or from out of town.
 MG 0154-974 IMG 0010-997
Exotic fish: Red Gurnard look good and taste great. Gurnard City: Edie Stevenson (L) got hooked on fishing.
IMG 0093-834 IMG 0113-953
Family Time: Greg Buckingham (R) enjoyed some quality father / son time chasing blue cod. Homeward Bound: Tasman Bay was like a mill pond as we sped for home.
IMG 0377-11 IMG 0246-587
Double Header: Tarakihi are an abundant and tasty reef fish Delaware Bay: Bountiful coastline ripe for the fishing. Not a boat in sight - just how we usually find it.
D'Urville June 13 072-538 IMG 0372-989
Beast Master: Scott Mirfin with a great winter Kingfish Fly Time: We use flies to catch many of our saltwater species.
IMG 0321-560 IMG 0407-28
Abel Tasman National Park Fishing: Samantha Chisholm, UK, with her first fish of the day - a spiny dogfish. Hole-in-the-Rock: Brother Scott Mirfin took Zane for a fun day to D'Urville Island in his 3 metre inflatable.
IMG 0253-372 IMG 0413-874
Wild Coast: The rugged coastline of Tasman Bay offers great fishing for up to 40 species of fish Great Ride: Homeward bound with a boat load of fish.

The Spring / Summer season is a great time to hunt with animals coming out in the open onto all the fresh growth after a long winter in the forest. No trophy stags because they are all growing velvet antlers which will harden in late February - but lots of good hunting. Our other animals like goats, pigs, rams and chamois keep their headgear year-round. This is a fabulous time to take a heli-access / fly-camping /hunting trip into our remote alpine valleys and mountains. Peak trophy hunting season is during the red deer / fallow buck / chamois buck / Bull Thar rut in April, May, June. Zane is now a member of the New Zealand Professional Hunting Guides Association.
 MG 0175-527  MG 0127-848
Red Stag: No antlers but tasty burgers and great memories. Outdoor Hero: National President of the New Zealand Deerstalkers Association Bill O'Leary has done much to advance the interests of all New Zealand hunters. Here we are at the Taupo Sika Show, North Island, 28th September.
IMG 0108-985  MG 0156-829
Fabulous Trophies: The Sika Show in Taupo had wonderful Sika Deer trophy antlers on display(above). Also great sambar, red, rusafallow, ram. goat, and boar trophies taken in the past year from around NZ. Evolve Outdoors Team: CEO Rob Wilson (L) with Alex Broad & Steve Doughty at the Sika Show. Zane Mirfin (R) is on the pro-staff hunting team and endorses both Hunters Element and Riverworks brands.
 MG 0159-258 IMG 0270-136
Guiding Icons: It's amazing who you run into at the Sika Show. Here's guru North Island fishing guides Simon Dickie and Alan Simmons. First Hunt: Todd Ballance ,13, NZ, with his first goat on a hunt with Zane.
 MG 0053-692 IMG 0064-627
Paradise Found: high alpine basins accessed by helicopter are prime summer places to hunt and camp. St. Arnaud Hunting Lodge: Come and stay at the Mirfin's Lake view lodge at Nelson Lakes National park

Northern Queensland Hosted Trip with Zane
Just a quick plug for our hosted trip to remote northern Queensland March 28-April 2nd. ( 6 days fishing, 5 nights, ex Cairns) This is a once-in-a-lifetime tropical adventure where you will catch a large variety of estuarine and marine fish species like barramundi, queenfish, giant trevally, nannygai, sharks, fingermark, cobia, you name it! We’ll be staying onboard the 70ft luxury mothership ‘Blue Martini’ operated by a top skipper, top chef, and top guides. This trip (Zane's third) we’ll be going straight to the honeypot – Princess Charlotte Bay, one of the remotest fisheries in Australia and on the planet. We’ll fly in and out by helicopter to a wilderness white-sand beach pick-up, but what a fishing adventure. It’s not cheap at AUD$9200 per rod but an investment in the fishing experience of a lifetime. What will you be doing on March 28 – April 2nd ?
Zane Mirfin Wahoo Oct 2013 400 Blue Martini 2013 400
 MG 0285-194 0296 Tema Kiwi Team Oz 400 2014

Central North Island Fishing
We’ve also had a two week exploratory trip up to the central North Island in September / October. The Mirfin family had a blast. We towed the boat up north, crossing the Cook Strait by ferry, checking out some famous river, lake and delta fisheries and catching trout in the heart of rainbow trout country. This is a great place for a North Island fishing roadtrip with Zane if anyone wants to see something different on their next visit.
 MG 0033-33  MG 0019-527
World Famous in Turangi: The Tongariro River was made famous by American paperback western writer Zane Grey in 1926 with his book 'Tales of the Angling Eldorado - New Zealand' Great Access: Drive right to the mouth of the famous Tauranga-Taupo River where the rip enters Lake Taupo.
 MG 0199-603  MG 0312-241
Volcanic Trout: The Mirfin boys in action on Maori owned Lake Rotoaira under a smoking Mt. Tongariro Volcano Girl Power: Rosie & Charli Mirfin with a beautiful rainbow from Lake Kuratau, Taupo District.
 MG 0226-811  MG 0264-514
Expert Guidance: Top Murchison Guide, Peter Carty points out trout and a prime pool on the Hinemaiaia River, Taupo District. Hinemaiaia Success: Ike Mirfin, 12, enjoys success while Ivan Fisher works on catching the next rainbow.
IMG 0567-195  MG 0353-765
Spring Creek: The Waitahanui is a world class rainbow trout fishery. The Big O: Lake Otamangakau is a stunning lake fishery for trophy rainbows under the shadow of 3 volcanoes - Tongariro, Ngauruhoe, and Ruapehu
IMG 0050-313 IMG 0563-809
Rotorua Lakes: Lake Tarawera is a sceniallyc beautiful place with a rich volcanic history and big rainbow trout. Need a break from fishing? We'll soak in the natural geo-thermal hot pools! Tongariro Calling: Ike & Jake Mirfin with a Tongariro River rainbow trout caught in the lower river.

Available Fishing Dates for 2014-2015
Interest in fishing trips has certainly picked up. Thanks to those of you who have already confirmed your slots for the coming South Island season and for the 2015-2016 season too.There’s still plenty of opportunity if you’re considering making a fly fishing pilgrimage. Give us a call.
We can help you with available dates and opportunities.
 MG 0006-689(1)
Tight Lines & Kind Regards, Zane & Aimee

July 2014 Newsletter

Mouse Year?

Bill Jeans Mark Parker Mouse trout 2010 650
Mouse Trout: Bill Jeans & Mark Parker, Australia, with a double figure 'toad' from 2010

Will 2014 - 2015 be another season of the mouse? Who knows? The Minister of Conservation described a "plague of biblical proportions " in the media recently, but we'd rather wait and see.

It's true that when mouse years occur they can turbo-charge a trout fishery, although all the stars need to align. Last summer did see a massive beech flowering and seeding (mast year) in native forests throughout the northern South Island, but it's also a fact that it has been a very wet winter which may effect the seed fall and the rodents that follow.
Jim Stievater Big Trout 2010 650
Beastmaster: Jim Stievater, USA, and friend in 2010.

Nature always has a way of balancing things up and we won't know what's really happening out there until our fishery opens on October 1st. Whatever happens we will always have our fingers on the pulse of the fishery and we'll be sure to keep you updated...

Winter Fishing

It may be mid-winter here in NZ but we’re still out fishing…..
0218 Todd Witzeling 2014 400 0225 Todd Witzeling Brown Trout 2014 400
10 Edie Stevenson Rosie Mirfin 2014 400 0093 Ben and Greg Buckingham 2014 400
We’ve had the home fire burning brightly too, but the good news is that we’re closing in on spring, the trout have finished spawning, and we’ve been getting organised for the 2014-2015 fishing season ahead…
0022 First Aid Certificate 2014 400 0326 Stillwater Flies 2014 400
Re-certification: Sorting out all the paperwork and coping with bureaucrats behind the scenes. Fly Tying: Good guides always have good flies tied on top quality chemically sharpened hooks.
0113 Winter Sea heading home 2014 400 0120 Mirfin family WWI Stamp Issue 2014 400
Escaping the office: You can't beat a good mid-winter day out fishing. Mirfin Family WWI History: Read about Zane's grandfather and his three brothers who feature on new NZ Post stamps, 100 years since WWI began.

Gone Hunting

Expanding hunting opportunities on public and private lands continue to excite us... On a political level, the advent of the Game Animal Council offers an exciting future for the management of valued big game animals on public lands.
0127 Zanes Wildside Column NZDA 2014 400 004 Izaak Mirfin First Deer 2014 400
Wildside Column: Read Zane's article about NZDA  national conference & rifle range. First Deer: Read Zane's article about taking son Izaak, 12, hunting.

Queensland - Australia - Fishing

The Australian invasion has begun! In late March, Zane went ‘troppo’ and returned to Northern Queensland to fish with Far North Sports Fishing again, aboard the luxury mothership ‘Blue Martini’. The cuisine, service, guiding, and fishing equipment supplied was just incredible and our group had so much fun.
0182 From Cooks Look 2014 400 0386 On the Move 2014 400
178 Evening fun 2014 400 0315 Evening Drinks 2014 400
This is an awesome tropical fishing adventure amongst some of Australia’s most remote and productive barrier reef fisheries. Our group caught a great variety of fish species including barramundi, mangrove jack, nannygai, fingermark, giant trevally, sharks, queenfish, cobia etc. We plan to make this an annual part of the Strike Adventure offering and invite you to join us on our next hosted trips in March – April 2015, ex Cairns. We’re inviting expressions of interest now so we can lock in our team and dates. Come and join us - it’s the fishing adventure of a lifetime. Read Zane's newspaper stories - Living it up on the Great Barrier Reef  and Taking sides for the great barra quest
0304 Gary McManaway Tony Fyfe 2014 400 0353 Giant Trevally 2014 400
0508 Golden Trevally 2014 400 0283 Mangrove Jack 2014 400
0343 Releasing a Queenfish 2014 400 0040 Gary McManaway Barramundi 2014 400

Back to New Zealand…

0605 Wilderness River 2014 650
It’s only two months to the opening of the 2014 -2015 fishing season and we can’t wait. Thanks again, to those anglers who have already booked their adventure with us. Those big trout have had five months free from anglers and will be happy and hungry.

See you soon!

Kind Regards, Aimee & Zane Mirfin

PS. It's never too late if you're considering a fishing trip down-under. We can help you and your friends too at or phone +64-3-544 2100.


June 2014 Newsletter

We had a great 2013-2014 fishing season! Our fly anglers were busy fishing special rivers during February, March, and April…
0399 Whitestone 2014 650
Brian Whitestone, Calgary, Canada, Feb 2014: "Simply put, Zane is an outstanding guide.  His years of experience are obvious when it comes to finding and spotting fish, knowing the waters and putting the client in the best possible position to catch beautiful fish.  I really appreciated the fishing options offered, including ocean, lake and river trips.  Fishing with Zane is a real pleasure."

Things have quietened down now over winter. We’ve had some fabulous weather and are still out there fishing and hunting…
0536Larssen 2014 400 0583Herman 2014 400
5065 Heimdahl April 2014 400 5088Frome 2014 400
Thank you to all of you who have already booked your fishing trip for the upcoming general trout season October thru April 2015.
5025 Heimdahl April 2014 400 5155Parker Henderson 2014 400
4957Clark 2014 400 4977Clark 2014 400
0554Herman 2014 400 Steve Young Feb 2014 400

If you’re contemplating a fishing trip down-under in 2014-2015 please give us a call and we can help you too.
0613Herman 2014 400 0413 Whitestone 2014 400
5146 Parker Henderson 2014 400 5066 Heimdahl April 2014 400

30 January 2014 #2 Newsletter

The search for fish never ends...

We’ve had some great fishing moments this month, January 2014.
Fred Young and his daughter Mindy were a pleasure to guide. Mindy, being a professional photographer, took some awesome images, including some of trusty guide Zane. Photos courtesy of Mindy Joy Photography, Roscoe, Illinois, USA.
Access Mindy Young 2014 400 Brown Trout Mindy Young 2014 400
Consultation Mindy Young 2014 400 Fred Young Mindy Young 2014 400
Fredand Zane Mindy Young 2014 400 Fred and Mindy Mindy young 2014 400
Guides work Mindy Young 2014 400 Helicopter  Access 2 Mindy Young 2014 400
Mindy Young 2014 400 Mindy and Zane Mindy Young 2014 400

Zane even wrote a newspaper story about Fred & Mindy’s fishing. Here's a link to the Fairfax Media website for anyone interested.
The Search for fish never ends.

River Crossing Mindy Young 2014 400 Captain Zane Mindy Young 2014 400
Rainbow Trout Mindy Young 2014 400 Zane guiding 2  Mindy Young 2014 400
Lake Fishing mindy young 2014 400 Lake fishing 2 Mindy Young 2014 400
Follow me Mindy Young 2014 400 Fred and Mindy Mindy young 2014 400
Fred Mindy Young 2014 400 MJOY5916-3037784918-O-861
It’s hard to get good help these days…

  Our first January newsletter went out Wednesday on autopilot. Alas, it was a draft and didn’t include the links with all the information about our upcoming Barramundi / Bluewater trip to remote northern Queensland onboard luxury mothership ‘Blue Martini’.
Hosted Barramundi / Bluewater Fishing with Zane Mirfin.
Princess Charlotte Bay, Northern Queensland, Australia. Fishing dates 25-30th March 2014.

Blue Martini 2014 400 zane Mirfin Oct 2013 400

Thanks to those of you who have inquired already without the links but for anyone else interested in this epic adventure offering, here are even more good reasons to join us on 25-30th March 2014. See Barra Trip   Remote Barra Expedition  Tour Facts  Discount Offer
Please let us know asap if you’re interested, as we need to move fast.  With 40% discounted off the usual luxury rate, this is a one-off, not to be repeated opportunity that requires immediate attention. It’ll be the fishing adventure of a lifetime.

Summer Prospects in NZ...

Jon Pepper 104106 Murray Creighton 212321

We’re hitting the height of summer now and the terrestrial fishing is coming on strong. We’ve still got three months of the fly fishing season, fishing in Oz, and then saltwater fishing, waterfowl season and alpine hunting over autumn and winter. We’ve always got a great adventure for you here in New Zealand.
Tightlines & Best Regards, Zane & Aimee.   31st Jan 2014

PS. Please feel free to share this email with your friends

Join us on facebook

January 2014 Report

It’s Fishing Time...

It’s high season and we’re out fishing. Here’s what we’ve been up to since our last newsletter…
Kurt Olesek 2013 400 Brown trout Jan 2014 400
Duncan Williams Jan 2014 400 Daniel Straubinger 2 Jan 2014 400
Strike Adventure Country Jan 2014 400 Strike Adventure Jan 2014 400

We’ve still got fly fishing dates available in February, March, and April and welcome your call.
Mindy Young Jan 2014 400 Chase the trout Jan 2014 400
Wilderness Stream Jan 2014 400 Wild Brown Trout Jan 2014 400
Lake Fishing Jan 2014 400 Flooded Rver Jan 2014 400
Don’t forget we operate year-round with saltwater fishing adventures and helicopter-access free range hunting too, so we’ve always got a great adventure for you to enjoy whenever you can make it to NZ.
Tony Fyfe Jan 2014 400 Snapper Jan 2014 400
Gurnard Jan 2014 400 Boat launch 2014 400
Zane Truck Jan 2014 400 Mountain camp Tony Fyfe Jan 2014 400

Barramundi / Blue Water Fishing Adventure 25-30th March 2014

Princess Charlotte Bay, Northern Queensland, Australia.
FNSF Dory Oct 2013 400 Gary Munro Oct 2013 400

Join Zane back in Oz in late March to fish the rivers and reefs of Northern Queensland. Like Star Trek, we’ll be going to the edge of the fishing galaxy where we’ll catch barramundi during the premier run-off season and also go bluewater fishing out deep for all sorts of ocean-going beasties.

See these links for more info...

zane Mirfin Oct 2013 400 Barramundi Oct 2013 400

The pricing is heavily discounted at 40% off normal luxury charters so you’ll never get a better opportunity than this. Check out the following attachments (including some of Zane’s piccies from October) to read all about this fabulous offer fishing with Zane which is limited to 5 anglers only. You’ll need to move fast because this offer won’t last long so give Zane a call at +64-3-544 2100 to register your interest in this awesome adventure.
Blue Martini 2013 400 Blue Martini interior Oct 2013 400

Meanwhile Back in New Zealand...

Daniel Straubinger Jan 2014 400 Duncan Williams 2 Jan 2014 400

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on our latest adventures over coming months.

December 2013 Newsletter

Seasons Greetings

Wishing you peace, joy, and prosperity in 2014.

...and plentiful fish along the way.
 James Yerbury 6 Dec 2013 650
'Twas the week before Christmas 2013: No snow in sight, rivers are low and clear, and the trout are biting.  Australian anglers James Yerbury & Kimberly Price-Dawson in action.

November and December are always awesome months to fly fish New Zealand and we’ve had some great summer conditions with optimum river levels and no other anglers in sight.
James Yerbury 3 Dec 2013 400 Bruce Smith 2 Dec 2013 400
James Yerbury, Australia Dave Smith, USA
Kevin Kallaugher 5 Dec 2013 400 Lawrence Schicker 2 Nov 2013 400
Kevin Kallaugher, UK Lawrence Schicker, NZ

 Saltwater fishing is hot too, and the snapper have moved into Tasman Bay for the summer and autumn. We’ve always got great year-round reef fishing and the albacore tuna are out in force over summer.
Snapper Nov 2013 400 Brian Elvy Gurnard double Nov 2013 400
Tasman Bay Snapper. December 2013 Double Header: Brian Elvy, UK, catches two red gurnard with one cast.
Maitai River Nelson Dec 2013 400 Groper Nov 2013 400
Maitai Memories: Zane fished his boyhood river, the Maitai , in December for Auld Lang Syne. Rare Beast: Groper are often caught in 200m of water.  this surprise turned up in 30m inshore waters within sight of Nelson City.

 'Gone Troppo' in Queensland
In October Zane had a fabulous time in northern Queensland, Australia scoping out a new fishing product that will be simply amazing. Far North Sport Fishing is developing one of the world’s great fishing adventures in the tropical waters of Queensland for reef and blue water fish, with the added bonus of wonderful inland freshwater barramundi fishing. Accommodation is aboard the luxury ‘mothership” Blue Martini and fishing is from three first class fishing dories and separate gamefishing boat. We’re seeking expressions of interest from our anglers who are interested in joining a hosted trip with Zane in April / May 2014. We’ll see the bright lights of Brisbane, fly north to Lizard Island, sample the delights of the Great Barrier Reef, explore ultra-remote exciting fishing venues around Cape Melville and catch multiple species of exotic fish – as well as enjoy top food and creature comforts aboard ‘Blue Martini’
Zane Mirfin Wahoo Oct 2013 400 A Coral Trout Oct 2013 400
Blue Martini 2013 400 River fishing Oct 2013 400
Crab Dinner Oct 2013 400 Dinner Oct 2013 400
Gary Munro Oct 2013 400 Crocodile Oct 2013 400

 Meanwhile back in New Zealand….
We’re a year-round fishing company and have the South Island’s best range of fishing opportunities for you to experience and enjoy. We’ve always got an awesome fishing or hunting adventure available for you, whenever you can travel.
Zane Mirfin by Kurt Olesek 2013

Zane Mirfin fishes Nelson Lakes, November 2013 Photo: Kurt Olesek

We wish you and your family Happy Holidays.
See you soon. Kind Regards, Zane & Aimee



October 2013 Newsletter

Only three more sleeps to go 'til Opening Day.

1st October and the world is your oyster...

 Dana Roman 650

Opening day of the fishing season is always a reason to celebrate and we’re looking forward to getting out there over coming days, weeks, and months. All those rivers and streams that have had a five month break from anglers will be ripe for the fishing and we just can’t wait.

 Brown Trout 650

We’ve been busy over winter getting ready for the fly fishing season but also guiding anglers too. We’re a year-round guiding operation with saltwater fishing and hunting options to cover a wide range of experiences for our diverse global customer base.
Saltwater fishing has been awesome in the hallowed waters of Tasman Bay and the Marlborough Sounds. Bird hunting and bigger game are great fun too. Here’s a sample of what we’ve been up to over recent months…
Winter Guiding 400 Dominico Zame saltwater 400
Noel Birss, Australia, May 2013, Mallard & Paradise Ducks. Dominico Zame & Grandsons Henry & Andre, NZ, June 2013, Gurnard, Kahawai, Tarakihi & Blue Cod.
Saltwater charter July 400 Red gurnard August 400
Shu & Chisora Hada, NZ, July 2013 Red Gurnard & Barracouta. Rachel Oldham & Heather Cole, NZ, August 2013 Red Gurnard etc.
Goat hunting sept 2013 400 Rachel Reese fishing 400
Steve & Andy Black, UK, September 2013, Helicopter Access for Wild Goats. Rachel Reese, Nelson, NZ, September 2013, Fishing Tasman Bay.

Aimee Mirfin has been out trout fishing this month too, on a local lowland river open for year-round fishing. Aimee hooked a few, lost a few, and landed four brown trout in less than 2 hours of fishing. She must be married to the right guide (Zane).

 Aimee Mirfin 650

It’s still not too late to book your dates for the coming summer and autumn months. 
If you’re considering a fly fishing trip down-under in 2013-2014 please give us a call @ +64 3 544 2100
We’ll be sure to update you on the fishing as the season progresses.


August 2013  Fly Fishing Newsletter

Spring is here in New Zealand! The sun is shining, birds are singing, lambs are frolicking, and the trout are hungry….
Zane Mirfin with 11lb Brown Trout 27 jan 2010 001-35
Our trout fishing season opens October 1st and we’re getting excited. The rivers are in great shape after a mild winter and we’ve been preparing for those magical seven months between October and April where you get to sight fish one of the world’s great brown trout fisheries.
 MG 0203 2  MG 0008 2
Jim Stievater Strike Adventure Fishing 400  MG 0850 2
Thank you to those who have already booked their slot for the coming season. If you’re contemplating a New Zealand fly fishing adventure this year we can help you too.

We’re here and we’re ready to go.
Fishing Dreams 650
 #Customer.FirstName#, are the rivers of New Zealand calling your name too?

Give us a call (+64 3 544 2100) or Skype us @strikeadventure to discuss the best fishing options and dates for the up-coming fly fishing season.


July 2013 Fly Fishing Newsletter

Greetings from Zane & Aimee at Strike Adventure Fishing. It's the middle of our winter right now but we're still out there catching fish....

We had a great summer fly fishing season for big brown trout with many exciting highlights.

A big thank-you to those of you who have already booked for next trout season starting October 1st - we appreciate it and look forward to seeing you. If you're contemplating a NZ fishing trip in 2013-2014 we'd love to help you too.
Wilderness campout 447 400 Matt Wheadon 1 400
Wilderness Trout fishing 296 400 New Zealand Fishing guides 0013 400
 MG 2088-210 New Zealand fly fishing guides 1763 400

Here's an overview of the fishing for the 2012-2013 season: Generally it was a mixed bag of weather which was positive overall, although we had extremely low river flows over late summer, interspersed with a few periods of extreme weather. We coped with it all and caught plenty of good trout along the way. As guides, we enjoy the variety of weather and riverflows as it allows us to fish a variety of waters and increase our skills and knowlege. We also continue to pioneer new places and new river fishing techniques. Our Maritime NZ registered boat 'Strike Adventure' was extremely useful in times of high flows allowing us to access fly fishing places others couldn't get to. Some of our less mobile anglers also enjoyed the boat to lessen walking distances and avoid boulders, sometimes even fishing from the boat - sightfishing & stalking the edges of stillwaters for trout we called 'freshwater bonefish'.
 MG 1976-360 Nelson Brown Trout 2334 400
Nelson lakes fly fishing 2264 400 Nelson lakes fishing 1590 400
Kingfish 0602 400 High season trout 2467 400

As usual we concentrated on what most of our anglers dream about which is sight-fishing wilderness waters for large brown trout. We had some great helicopter adventures, overnight campouts, road trips to Hanmer and Reefton, and lots more. Many beautiful trout were landed with some fine dry fly action at times. On the local scene, our home river the Motueka was probably the best in the District this past season, with excellent hatches and fish numbers, concentrated in the low flows of late summer...

Everyone knows the world has changed and at Strike Adventure we've noticed big economic changes over the past decade. Full-time guides have had to broaden their fishing base to appeal to a wider range of anglers and our marine fishing adventures have been lots of fun. We've made some great discoveries, cracked the saltwater code, and caught epic numbers of fish, even over winter. The Tasman Bay snapper fishery is probably the best it has been in 40 years. Many of our flyfishermen enjoyed a day out in the salt with great success too.
Saltwater fishing charter 476 400 Tasman Bay Albacore Tuna 188 400
Nelson brown trout 0076 400  MG 1847-144
Nelson Lakes National Park 511 400 Match the Hatch 2499 400

On the economic front, the NZD$ has weakened significantly against overseas currencies, principally the USD$, making New Zealand a more attractive international destination. On the flip side of the coin though, local businesses are dealing with petrol & diesel prices at record highs. Our guide rates have remained the same again this year.

If you're considering making the pilgrimage down-under this coming fly fishing season, please give us a call or drop us a line. We have awesome fishing options and will work long hours to make sure your fly fishing trip is a success. We love talking fishing and can advise you of the best options and available dates.

We're adding exciting NEW fly fishing adventure options weekly on our website or you can keep up to date on our facebook page

Tightlines and Talk Soon, Zane & Aimee

PS. Book a fly fishing trip, or nominate your dates, before the end of July and every angler will get a complimentary copy of Zane's fishing photographic book 'The Last Best Place' (worth NZ$50) and you'll also pay no extra boat fees per day (NZ$50) or concession fees to our special access areas (NZ$50). Now that's a great deal.

December 2012 Fishing Newsletter

Merry Christmas from Strike Adventure Fishing.  We wish you a great festive season and a prosperous New Year.
Peter Rossi 1  MG 0148-891
Trout of the Month: Peter Rossi of California caught his dream brown trout of 10 1/2 lb off the side of the road on December 16th 2012. Guides of the Future?: The Mirfin cousins learn the fine art of fly fishing supervised by their Dads, Scott and Zane Mirfin.  Lake Brunner, West Coast, 24th December 2012

Fishing has been great.  Still lots of opportunities if you are planning on coming over January - April inclusive.  See you soon.

September 2012 Fishing Newsletter

One More Sleep 'til Trout Fishing Season Opens!

 We're looking forward to getting out fly fishing on the river tomorrow - wish you were here...
1548RNew Zealand 2010 827  MG 0018 2
Time to Fish!: Our trout season runs 1st October 2012 thru 30th April 2013 and there is good fishing throughout.  (Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate) Photo: Cathy & Barry Beck. Angler: Zane Mirfin Cathay Pacific Airline Discovery Magazine: We made it into the Cathay Pacific In-flight Magazine for September 2012.  The article by journalist Richard Shaw is called "Come Fly With Me - The world's best fly-fishing spots" Read about Zane, Strike Adventure, and Nelson Lakes on this link  We are towards the back end of the article, use your keyboard arrows to scroll down.
 MG 0218 2 First aid  cert 1 400
Strike Adventure is on FACEBOOK: We've come out of the dark ages and joined Facebook! You'll now be able to share our fishing highlights like never before. Like us on Facebook.  We appreciate your help getting started. Winter Tasks: We've been working all winter to be ready for you when fly-fishing season rolls around.  Bureaucracy never sleeps...but our gear and systems are ready, and so are we.
D Urville Island Gurnard 1031 Zane Mirfin with 11lb Brown Trout 27 jan 2010 001-35-750
Carrots Galore: We had some great winter saltwater fishing while we were giving the trout a holiday... a Red Gurnard above. Zane & Tony are ready: Looking forward to being out fly fishing on a Kiwi trout stream with you soon.


August 24th 2012 Fishing Newsletter

Winter here in New Zealand is over.  With warmer weather and sunny skies ahead, we're thinking about fishing...

This is our first newsletter for a while but we've been busy and active making sure it's all systems go for the upcoming trout fishing season, which opens October 1st.

Here goes with a selection of images of what's been happening over the past few months.
(NB: You may need to use your up and down arrows on your keyboard to scroll in the link windows)
 MG 0072 2  MG 0986 2
April Fishing: Craig Henderson of Melbourne, Australia, in action. Heli-Pickup: See more photos from this Wilderness Fishing Trip.
 MG 0850 2  MG 0190 2
 MG 1001 2  MG 0242 1R
 MG 0090 2 19 may R
Aussie Magic: Hugh Foxcroft with friend. See Photos Blue Moon: Read Zane's article. See Pete's testimonial.
2 jun R  MG 0454 1R
Red Stag and the Senior: Read Zane's June Article  
 MG 0134 2  MG 0461 1R
West Coast Success: Read Zane's Sandfly Article
See more photos of this trip.
Nelson Lakes National Park:  Lake Rotoroa boat access.
 MG 0680 1R Flounder fishing 1
Great Mates, Great Times: See more photos from two fishing trips last summer. New Species: Tim Vining, USA, pioneers a new species with Strike Adventure - Flounder!
 MG 0719 1R  MG 0728 1R
  Zane Mirfin & Rob Wilson of Evolve Outdoors NZ: Read Zane's campout article.
 MG 0502A 1R  MG 0970 2
July Duck Hunt: Gerald Beattie, NZ, scores a good bag of Grey, Mallard and Paradise Ducks. Small Stream Brown:  Trevor Fowler, UK, enjoys a special moment.
 MG 0110 1R 16 jun R
Late Season on the Motueka: Good hatches and beautiful weather close to Nelson City. Loyal Friend:  Read about Zane's mid-winter hunt wth Clayton Nicholl of Blenheim.
 MG 0502 1R 7 apr R
  Casting for Recovery:  NZ Celebrity Lynda Topp wth guide Bill McKenzie of Nelson. Read about CFR.
 MG 0633 1R 25 feb R
Snapper Fishing:  Check out more photo files at New Adventure. Backcountry Hut:  Baxter & Joe Roberson, USA, at home away from home. Read Zane's Hut article.

2012-2013 Fly Fishing Options
A big thank you to those anglers who have already booked their slots with Zane & Tony for the upcoming 2012-2013 fly- fishing season ( October -April inclusive) - we appreciate it.  Please feel free to forward this email newsletter to your fishing friends. 

If you are considering making the pilgrimage down-under this fishing season, please give us a call.  We love talking fishing and can advise you of the best options and available dates.

Or go direct to our Fishing Options   or our Website homepage


June 2012 Fishing Report

Late season fishing was fun.  May was a busier month than usual for us with good results fly fishing on the Motueka River.  We have great off-peak saltwater fishing action on offer June-Sept, fishing for gurnard, tarakihi, kahawai, blue cod etc

February 2012 Newsletter

Happy New Year from Strike Adventure Fishing!
Fishing has been great!  Zane & Tony have been busy guiding anglers to every point of the compass and dry fly season is upon us...

Late season prospects are looking excellent.  The trout are big and colourful and you'll usually have the rivers all to yourself.  We've still got availability in late Feb, March and April so it's still not too late to make sure you get your unfair share of the fishing.  Give us a call and we can advise available dates for YOUR fishing adventure.

Here's a few photos to show you what our anglers got up to in January 2012.
Another GT Brand fish
Camp bay(1) Joe R
James Yerbury Hole in the rock
Heli pick up Laird Family 1
Joe and friend Ted Davis 1
Crocodile rock Warming hands
Mountain River 1 Captain Zane 2
Dry Fly fish Harrell Beck
Baxter champ Hook up 1
Fish hard dry Fly  1
Gareth Tarbard 2 1 Gareth Tarbard 3

December 2011 Newsletter

Seasons Greetings from Strike Adventure.  We hope you have wonderful holidays and a prosperous New Year.

At Strike Adventure we're busy fishing but will have Christmas with Aimee's family in Blenheim before heading to Nelson Lakes National Park to catch up with Zane's family and for Zane to be back into the fishing on 27th December.

December has been a busy month fishing with some good trout caught despite some variable river flows.  The summer is beginning to warm up now and the trout are rising to the fly.  Here's a few photos to show what our anglers have been up to this month.

DK2011 8 DK2011 6
DK2011 3 DK2011 1
Rob Wilson Lake Rotoroa 1 Rob wilson 2011 3
Brower Shanks 1 Bridge fishing1
Alpine views 1 Antipa Galland 1
 1 Dec 2011 1
DK2011 10 Rob Wilson 2011 4

October 2011 Fishing Newsletter

Greetings from Strike Adventure Country….

We had a great winter here in the northern South Island with mild sunny weather and only a few cold blasts along the way. Spring is here now and river conditions are looking really good. Thanks to all our anglers who have already booked their fishing trip(s) for 2011-2012 with Zane, Tony and the Strike Adventure Guide Team.
September Fishing 2011 A
Happiness is a Honeymoon with Trout: Janie Howe and Paul Dickson Jr, from southern USA, enjoy Janie's first ever trout on the fly. Lower Motueka River, September 21st 2011

The general fishing season opened on October 1st, right as the rain came down so the trout have had a little protection for the first few days but fine weather is predicted this week…so watch out trout! We’ll be sure to keep you updated on how the fishing is going and what opportunities are on offer over the next few months.

We’ve been out and about over the winter, with a few successful fishing and hunting trips under our belts.
Gerald Beattie 3 Winter Fishing Rod Duke 2011
Late Season Ducks: Gerald Beattie, NZ, after a successful day. Read ZM Wildside Newspaper Column: Nature saves her best for late season hunters. Mid-Winter Trout: Rod Duke catches his first Motueka brown trout on August 1st 2011, while Lloyd McGlew looks on.  Read ZM Wildside Newspaper Column: Fishing for hardy souls.
Rugby Cup fever is full-on here in New Zealand at present with some magnificent world class rugby played so far. We’ve had 3 games here in Nelson (Italy vs Russia / USA vs Italy / Australia vs Russia) which were a great success and a lot of fun. The big games are still ahead as we move forward into the quarter and semi-finals of this huge international event. 

We've been out enjoying the rugby and having some great recreational saltwater fishing, ahead of another trout season.
Rugby World Cup USA 1 Sea perch 2011
Your Country Needs You: The Mirfin Family (and Uncle Sam clones) enroute to Trafalgar Park, Nelson to support the USA Eagles Rugby Team vs Italy, 27th September 2011 Recycled Metal: Zane caught this Sea Perch on a recent recreational fishing trip to D'Urville Island, with a special lure recycled from a plate that had been in his ankle for the past three years. Read ZM Wildside Column - Fish lured with aid of spare parts
We’ll have plenty of great trout photos to show you soon.  The general fishing season is now open and the world is your oyster. Are you coming fishing with us this year?

There are still plenty of opportunities for anglers considering coming fishing over the 2011-2012 season and we’d love to hear from you. 

April 2011 Fishing Newsletter

Greetings from Strike Adventure Fishing Country! We’ve been busy and the fishing has been great.
Steve_Lennard_2.jpg Christian and Christa 2011 1
Magic Time: Steve Lennard, Brisbane, Australia, March 2011 Wilderness Adventurers: Christian Wurzinger and Christa Wuethrich, Geneva, Switzerland, March 2011
You may have heard of the February 22nd Christchurch Earthquake. While it was a real tragedy with significant loss of life, we’ve been very fortunate that our family and friends down South are all OK.  Ours thoughts are with all of those whose lives, properties and businesses have been affected.  It's probably fair to say that the two Christchurch earthquakes (September and February) didn't help South Island tourism this season. 
But life here goes on and nothing has changed in the northern South Island. We never felt the quake, there is no damage or disruption to our lives and it’s business as usual.  Virtually all our anglers fly into Nelson airport direct from Wellington and Auckland, and those who have come through Christchurch have experienced no disruption.  In fact, Christchurch friends tell us you wouldn't even know anything had happened out on that side of town.

The dry fly fishing here has been great in the northern South Island, with low, clear rivers and not many other anglers around. The trout have been taking terrestrial bugs with gusto over recent months. Cicada fishing has been good on wilderness streams and on local waters trout have been keying on willow grubs and passion vine hoppers.
Dry Fly 2011 1 Catch Release 2011 2
Big Dries:  Late Summer trout can be suckers for big terrestrial dry flies. Golden Brown: Another speckled beauty on its way home.
Kathy and Mark Wilkins 2011 1 Schambra 2011 1
Local Dry Fly Action:  Kathy Wilkins hooks up on a shallow water Brownie, husband Mark enjoys the moment. Wedded Bliss: Heidi Schambra and Adam Griesemer enjoying their honeymoon with a spot of fishing.
We’ve included a few photos of recent success and invite you to join us for some great late season fishing or to book your dates for the 2011-2012 fishing season starting October 1st. Don’t be put off by media coverage showcasing the Christchurch CBD because the trout don’t watch TV!  Please feel free to forward this email on to your fishing friends.
Graham Graham and sons 2011 1 Graham and Sons 2011 1
The A Team: Old friends Graham McDermid (L) of Christchurch and Graeme Kennerley (R) of Wellington with Graham's boys Cam and Matt, enjoy a special moment. Quality Time:  The McDermids enjoy some father / son bonding. Cam (with fish) was only 10years old when he appeared in Zane's book Brown Trout Heaven - Fly Fishing New Zealand's South Island in 2000.
Patti Moore fish On 2011 1 Tony and Moores 2011 1
Star Angler: Patti Moore tames another wilderness beast.  Team Effort: Tony Entwistle films Patti and Dave Moore 25 years after being filmed by Dave and Patti's father Bus Entsminger.  Patti on rod, Dave on net.
Christa 2011 1 Christian and Zane 2011 1
Beauty...: Christa Wuethrich with a small stream prize. ...and the Beasts!: Christian Wurzinger has always enjoyed hunting and has enjoyed many fishing trips in the back country with Zane.
KC Bishop 2011 1 Mark Nordheim 1
Drive-to-River: K.C. Bishop and Mark Nordheim experienced an 'Epic Roadtrip' catching some nice trout along the way. Wilderness-Heli-Stream:  Mark and K.C. took the opportunity to fly into a remote stream for a day trip with Zane. The fish were on! Mark with a backcountry beauty.
Nathan and Matt 2011 2 High Country Solitude 2011 1
Aussie Mates: Matt Wheadon and Nathan Dickens had a great 'Brown Trout Heaven' experience.  Strike Adventure has a base at St Arnaud, Nelson Lakes, with full access concessions to maximise your fishing opportunities. Molesworth Tarns: Not many people realise we have legal guiding access to Molesworth Station, an area of approx. 600,000 acres.  We are one of only two fishing companies with a special DOC access concession.  As well as rivers, there is some first rate stillwater fishing for cruising browns in shallow water.  Nathan Dickens enjoys the alpine waters.
Pot of Gold Motueka 2011 1 Stairway to Heaven 2011 1
Pot of Gold:  Our local river, the Motueka, is a nationally significant year-round fishery.  With great riffles, runs and pools, it holds one of the greatest densities of fish of any NZ river. In Fall - Autumn, we get some great mayfly hatches.  September fishing is good too. Stairway to Heaven:  Back country fishing is a great way to experience the best of NZ fishing.  We are experts at organising these adventures, with hundreds of awesome trips over the past 25 years.
You can read more at our website:

We have the latest fishing adventures on offer, comprehensive articles and newspaper columns written by Zane and Tony, new fishing photos and information about planning your next trip.  We will be working to improve and update our website over the winter so check us out from time to time.

A successful trip is not just fishing.  Here are a few non-fishing moments from the past summer:
Spring Junction Vista 2011 1 Praise on the boat 2011 1
Days End: Our accommodation options offer privacy from the madding crowd, off the main tourist routes.  We have a wide variety of options to suit the best fishing at the time.  Best of all the price is right. Praise: Nathan reflects on a great adventure while Matt ejoys the ride home.  Sometimes getting to and from the rivers can be half the fun.
Reefton Pub 2011 1 Relaxing in Reefton 2011 1 1
Pub Time:  Explore fun local character where you'll be the only one with an accent.  The locals are friendly and you'll have a true Kiwi experience. First Light: Reefton was the first town in New Zealand to get electricity - and not much has changed since... Our road trips take you to unique areas without breaking the bank.
Boutereys_2011_1.JPGBoutereys 2011 1 Boutereys_Richards_2011_1.JPGBoutereys Richards 2011 1
Fine Dining: Richmond and nearby Nelson City have many fine restaurants and cafes, including Richmond's Bouterey's Restaurant, Winner of Cuisine magazine's NZ Restaurant of the Year 2010 -Best Smart Dining.  Sharon and Tony Entwistle dine with Patti and Dave Moore at Bouterey's. While...:  Aimee catches up with valued Strike Adventure anglers, Linda and David Richards, at Bouterey's, who always fish with guide Cameron Reid.

We've been doing some late season recreational fishing ourselves.  The kids have been guiding Dad lately...
 4 First Light Tasman Bay 2011 1
Triple Success: Ike Mirfin,9, with his friends Hannah and Greta Clark of Richmond. Crack of Dawn: You don't have to be up so early to see the sun rise in late season. 
Kids Catch Rainbows Cobb Valley 2011 1 Jakes first Rainbow 2011 1 1
Teamwork: Rosie, Ike and Jake catch another rainbow on a recent family trip to the Cobb Reservoir, Kahurangi National Park, April 2011 Rainbow Connection: Jake Mirfin,10, with his first ever rainbow trout, assisted by Uncle Scott Mirfin, and sister Rosie,7.
Fishing is all go here at Strike Adventure Fishing and we just wanted to make sure our anglers know we're all fired up about next season and looking forward to talking to you, #Customer.FirstName#, about your next fishing trip with us.

Zane Mirfin with 11lb Brown Trout 27 jan 2010 001-35

January 2011 Fishing Newsletter

HAPPY NEW YEAR from ! It's hard to believe 2011 is here already.  We've been busy fishing and we'd like to share our fishing success with you.

First Double Digit Brownie of 2011

Jon Pepper1 1

Happy New Year: Jon Pepper, UK 28"long, 18" girth, 10 1/4 lb brown 4th January 2011

Jon struck major snow and ice at Heathrow Airport and encountered rain and big water early in his NZ fishing sojourn but didn't let it stop him.  Skill and luck came together when he landed his biggest trout in multiple trips to NZ over the years - Well done Jon!

Jon Pepper2 Jon Pepper1 1
Blue Sky Fishing: Jon got to fish some totally new rivers this trip Nice Brown: Jon caught trout in the 6-8lb range as well.

The Cicadas are Popping

It's official, the trout are on the cicadas!  there's just nothing like large brown trout slurping down big terrestrial dry flies to get your heart pumping.  Fishing in February, March & April should be HOT!

Jon Pepper 301324 Dale  Kinsella 0110
Cicada Time: Jon took this great photo of a typical brownie with a ZM cicada still intact. Hot New Dry Fly: NZ's Manic Tackle markets some great trout flies.  this Mirfz BLT (Black Little Thing) #16 worked well on East Coast waters.  There are other ZM patterns in the Manic Tackle range that you can buy from us here at Strike Adventure.

Fishing Before Christmas

We've had some great fishing trips since the last newsletter...Here's an adventure selection:

Dale is one of the most experienced anglers to visit NZ waters annually.  We had some great heli-wilderness fishing on both sides of the Southern Alps, fishing the dry fly.

Dale Kinsella 127070 Dale Kinsella 127087
Exciting Heli-Pickup: Landing on boulders is all part of the fun. Magic Kahurangi: Kahurangi National Park has some great rivers running through it.
Dale Kinsella 128032 Dale Kinsella128008
Awesome West Coast Day: Blue Sky, clear waters, large trout! Awesome West Coast Brownie: See...Large Trout
Dale Kinsella 0174 Dale Kinsella 128016
Guides-eye View: A little morning fog obscures our river. Dale's in the front seat of the helicopter. Nice One Dale: Another big West Coast brown is tamed.

Murray is a New Zealander who lives in the North Island - This was Murray's second trip with us this season.  We fished the western rivers on an epic road trip including a great overnight heli-campout on a remote river.

Murray Creighton 212321 Murray Creighton 212334
Leopard Spotted Browns: West coast fish can be beautifully coloured trout.  Murray holds a representative specimen. Gunsight Pass: Murray navigates a few boulders and catches trout en route to our campsite.
Murray Creighton 2123181 Murray Creighton 213440
Fish-eye View: Trout are beautiful creatures that live in pristine waters. Tent camp: Nice soft moss made for s great camping spot.
Murray Creighton 215488 Murray Creighton 212410
Roadside Trout: Murray with a more accessible trout. Staring at the Embers: Murray contemplates the day of fishing with a cup of red wine.

Bill Classon of the Australian fishing Network, publisher of Freshwater Fishing, Sportfishing Australia, Yak Fisher, Flyfisher, Fishing Gear Guide and Sportfish DVD Magazine is a great guy to spend time with.  We rafted big rivers, fished a lake, and made a DVD magazine clip with cameraman and top-angler, Chris Parkinson

Bill Classon 1 020 Steve Young 1 004
Raft time: Zane Mirfin and Bill Classon at Lake Haupiri.  Thanks for the photo Chris.
Christmas Venison: Steve Young and friend.

Blenheim GP Steve Young is a busy man.  We had a drive-to overnight campout on a wilderness river.  Steve caught some nice trout and obtained some Christmas venison.

Walt & Paul were fishing the length of the South Island with our guide buddy Otago's Selwyn Shanks, but had time for a few days fishing St James & Molesworth Stations with Strike Adventure.

Strzelewicz Brower 002 Strzelewicz Brower 030
Magnificent: The East Coast has some fabulous trout water. East Coast Success: Walt with another brownie.

Ted treated himself to some fishing after a tour of NZ Academia.  We fished the rivers of Nelson Lakes at Brown Trout Heaven during some inclement weather.  Ted's best trout was an 8lb'er from the Owen River.

Strzelewicz Brower 063 Marmor 015
Molesworth Magic: Paul hooks up on the Acheron River. Ted's Most Excellent trout: Ted enjoys an Owen moment.

February, March & April 2011 Fishing?

It's not too late to plan your February, March or April fishing trip to NZ!  If you're still thinking of fishing NZ in 2011 -we still have availability over the coming months and can advise the best trip options based on the latest river intelligence.

There is no need to stay at expensive accommodation when we can take you to the best places for the best trout in the northern half of the South Island.  Our fishing trips are a unique offering.  Give us a call and we'll guarantee you a great adventure.

Please feel free to email this newsletter to your friends or get them to subscribe on our website for future newsletters.  All our contact details are on our website


November 2010 Fishing Newsletter

Fishing Season opened on 1st October to high rivers from recent rains.  Joe Roberson from Northern California was our first fishing customer starting his week's fishing on 4th October.
Joe_Roberson_082.jpeg Joe_Roberson_041_1.jpg
North Canterbury Brown West Coast Gold
Joe_Roberson_010_1.jpg Joe_Roberson_100_1.jpg
Big Water Magic Restaurant Empty: Joe & Zane toast a great fishing trip
Since then we've had some great days out. November and December fishing booking have picked up nicely and there are some excellent trout around.  This bodes well for fishing January-April.  If you're thinking of coming over fishing this year, we still have availability and can advise the best trip options based on the latest river intelligence.  Give us a call and we'll guarantee a great adventure.
Murray_Creighton_004_1.jpg Murray_Creighton_019_1.jpg
First Fish: Murray Creighton's season opener. Every Angler's Dream: Murray in action again.
At this stage of the season we've guided our anglers on Nelson, Marlborough, West Coast, and North Canterbury trout streams and rivers.  We've landed fish to 9 1/2 lb but are expecting bigger as the season progresses.  Our local rivers like the Motueka are fishing well and there are exciting roadside fishing opportunities if anglers are looking to keep the cost down and by-pass heli-fishing.  Best of all, we've had the run of the rivers having hardly seen another angler!
Murray_Creighton_030_1.jpg Joe_Roberson_016_1.jpg
Fish On: Murray Creighton hooks up yet again. Emerald Pool: Joe Roberson in action.
As it's Zane's and Tony's birthday month, and Zane's 25th Anniversary of guiding anglers in the Northern South Island, we have a special offer. For all new bookings before 30th November 2010 there will be no charge for hire equipment required by anglers. 

Our fly selection offer was popular last time too, so any new booking of three of more days before the end of November also receives our special silver anniversary selection of Zane Mirfin's & Tony Entwistle's favourite dozen trout flies.

September 2010 Newsletter

Are You Fly Fishing New Zealand’s South Island in 2010-2011?
Greetings from Zane, Aimee, Tony & the Strike Adventure Guide Team.

Thanks to all of you who emailed to see if we were OK after the Earthquake on Saturday 4th September.  We're all fine and the earthquake fortunately didn't affect our area.  We wish our customers and friends in Canterbury all the best in getting back to normal and are glad that everyone is safe.

Talking Fishing...we thought you’d be really interested to see what our fishing customers were catching last season…

2009-2010 Fishing Highlights

Last season was fabulous – we caught more large trout than ever before. Mouse-fed trout put exciting bends in rods and pulled scales down to maximum weights. We caught plenty of normal NZ fish too!
Jim_Stievater_Big_Fish_1_2.jpg Bill__Jeans_Mark_Parker1_2010.jpg
Jim Stievater, USA – Great bloke with a great attitude who caught great fish up to 13 ½ lb.
Bill Jeans & Mark Parker, Australia – Bill broke his rod in half fighting his big 12 ½ lb trout in heavy water, but we landed it anyway.
Keith_Crane_2A1.jpg Mary_Crane_A1.jpg
Mary & Keith Crane, Australia, have been fishing NZ for decades but Tony Entwistle guided them both onto their record NZ trout.
As Mary told Zane in her email "Just a couple of small ones - half an hour and 2O metres apart, both exactly 11.75lbs and both on our last cast of the day".

New Look Website

Aimee has been working hard on our new look website at Our 'Articles & Videos' section is full of fun and educational fishing articles written by Zane Mirfin & Tony Entwistle over the past decade, with more being added every week for your reading enjoyment.

Read about Tony 'the Red baron' (remember Zane wrote this story before Tony guided the Cranes to their big trout)
_Tony_A_1.jpg Cam_Reid_10lber_1.jpg
Guide Tony Entwistle: The 'Red Baron' of New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide Cameron Reid: A busy day at the office.
Strike Adventure Team Night Bill 006 Brian_Chambers__Martin_D_R_1.jpg
Strike Adventure Award for Excellence 2010: Zane presents guide Bill McKenzie with his trophy. Last Cast: Brian Chambers, Australia, and guide Martin de Ruyter with an 11lb friend.

Our guide team had many highlights too, Cameron Reid won most of the trophies at the Nelson Trout Fishing Club annual awards, Bill McKenzie won the Strike Adventure Award for Excellence 2010 and Martin de Ruyter’s highlight – last cast of the trip and first double-figure trout as a guide!

Spring News

It’s been all go here at Strike Adventure! We’ve been training, tying flies, renewing commercial access concessions,permits & insurances; updating first aid certificates and a thousand other essential tasks to make your fishing trip look easy. We’re ready for the start of the fishing season come October 1st.

Fishing Prospects 2010-2011

It’s been the mildest winter for years with a light snowpack meaning rivers will be low and clear right from the start of the season. Mouse populations should have over-wintered well and we’re expecting more big trout again this season. We still have availability on a first-come basis so give us a call now to check out available dates and best 2010-2011 moon-phases.

'Famous' Zane Mirfin Road Trips are Back

Zane can't wait to get back on the road again in search of the best fishing and the best adventure. Join him again this season in search of the holy grail of New Zealand fly fishing. Limited availability so you'll need to book your dates soon.
Read about Road Trips here.

Zane Mirfin with 11lb Brown Trout 27 jan 2010 001-35
Locally Produced: Zane with an 11lb Brown Trout, January 2010

We'd love to take you fishing in 2010-2011 and welcome you back to our beautiful New Zealand rivers. We're only a phone-call or an email away and always keen to talk fishing and advise on options and opportunities for the upcoming season.

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