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Game Estates

 MG 0468-90  MG 0339-62
Top Hunting Lodges: New Zealand hunting lodges are renowned for fine dining, wine, and camaraderie. Best of all they own and control their own hunting resource. Top Trophies: Glendene Station, Otago is well known for big stags. Here Zane Mirfin holds a 420SCI red stag rack.
If you're searching for a red stag trophy over 300SCI, then a game estate is the place to go.
With the best genetics, plentiful food supply, and quality game management, stags grow much better antlers than in more marginal alpine locations. All hunting is strictly fair chase and some of these hunting areas are as large as 20,000 acres offering a first class hunting experience.

Zane has extensive connections within the guided hunting industry and we have a range of estates around the South Island on which we can hunt for your ultimate trophy, whatever the desired species.

Talk to us and we'll be able to advise on the best options for you.